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Top 8 Tips For Winter Skincare

We are enjoying an amazingly mild November here in Wisconsin. I’m loving every minute – I feel like we’re squeezing just that last little drop of summer out of the season!

But, at some point, winter will most definitely blow in on us – and you’ll want your skin to be ready. You spent so much time taking care of it this summer with sunscreen and the right mineral makeup, let’s continue the tradition.

Here are my best tips for taking care of your skin in the cold winter months so that you’re more than ready when that sun pops out again come June!

Top Tips for Winter Skincare

  1. Moisturize. In many parts of the country driving winds and hard temperatures outside coupled with heaters cranking the heat inside can lead to dry skin. Switch from your light summer moisturizer to a creamier, heavier lotion during the cold months. If you usually use Lemongrass Spa’s Face Creme with Botanical Extracts, I recommend trying the Ultra Hydrating Body Creme.
  2. And Moisturize Again! Only this time, add moisture from the inside! It’s easy to remember to drink lots of water in hot seasons but we still need to keep hydrated when it’s cold. Try keeping your water at room temperature instead of cold – you may find it easier to drink when you’re already cold.
  3. Shower Power. Sometimes, nothing sounds better than a hot shower when you’ve been out in the cold. But be careful – hot water can strip too much of the natural oil barrier from your skin, leaving it prone to drying out. Start with a cooler shower and increase the temps a little at a time. You’ll still feel warmer but you won’t get to those scorching highs.
  4. Scrub Gently. We know that exfoliating your skin is so good for you in so many ways. But, if your skin is already taking a beating with cold winds, go gentle on your largest organ. You might want to go from using Lemongrass Spa’s Instant Renewal Microdermabrasion Creme to the Dead Sea Facial Polish or the Pomegranate Facial Polish instead.
  5. Remember The Sunscreen. Just because you aren’t at the beach in a swimsuit doesn’t mean the can’t get what is still exposed. Many times, the reflection off the snow is enough to give you a red glow. Continue to protect your skin with LGS Sheer Minerals Makeup (SPF 15-20) and our Ocean Friendly Sunscreen Lotion.
  6. Food Fix. With less sun comes less Vitamin D. And without that D, you begin to see a host of health issues ranging from weaker bones to a depleted immune system. Eat mushrooms, cod liver oil, sardines, salmon to up your Vitamin D intake.
  7. Humid Air. I think we’re seeing a pattern of moisturizing just about everything in winter months! Moisturize the air around you by turning on a humidifier for you home. This will also save on heating costs since humid air feels warmer.
  8. Winterize Your Colors. Break out those dark lipsticks and your warmest palettes. Winter is the time to put away your bright Sheer Minerals Sassy Pink eyeshadow in favor of LGS Amaretto eyeshadow.

Exfoliation is the New Fountain of Youth

exfoliate skinGetting older is a fact of life. Looking like it doesn’t have to be!

As we age, the cell regeneration process slows down, little by little. (Which basically means, it sneaks up on us. Nice.) In our prime, our skin “turnsover” about every 30 days and brings the newer, nicer-looking skin cells to the surface regularly. This gives our skin an even tone and a beautiful glow.

When the process slows, it can leave us with uneven cell build-up in areas which makes things look patchy and rough. Those cells can also block our pores which causes them to look larger, can allow oil to build up, and can lead to blemishes or breakouts.

Thankfully, we can help rid our skin of these excess cells and get back to that beautiful, glowing skin. That’s where exfoliation comes in! Exfoliation is the process of rubbing something abrasive against the skin which helps slough off the older cells.

There are a variety of different ways to accomplish the task – from synthetic chemicals, to natural ingredients you would find in your kitchen, to mechanical methods. Don’t throw away this morning’s coffee grounds! Mix them with some coconut oil and scrub your whole body with it in the shower and voila! you’ve exfoliated your body and done your largest organ some good.

You’ll have to be a bit more careful with your face, though, and how often you do so will depend on how sensitive your skin is. Experiment with your frequency to avoid irritating your skin. I can exfoliate 2-3 times per week and my face just looks smooth and fresh. I am regularly mistaken by people I’ve just met as 8 to 10 years younger than my actual age.

At Lemongrass Spa, we primarily use three different ingredients for exfoliation. You can learn about some of the natural exfoliant ingredients at the Lemongrass Spa Products corporate website. From sugar to salt to pumice, each ingredient works absolute miracles for you face!

lemongrass spa products instant renewal microdermabrasion creme My absolute FAVORITE exfoliant is our Instant Renewal Microdermabrasion Creme. You guys! This stuff is literally like a miracle in a container! In my opinion, it is the most abrasive exfoliant that Lemongrass Spa sells and it really gets through that layer of dead skin to reveal the freshness underneath.
lemongrass spa products dead sea facial polish As far as levels of exfoliation go, our Dead Sea Facial Polish is one level less abrasive than the Microdermabrasion. This is a salt based product that also includes willow bark extract and citrus oils to promote healthy skin.
lemongrass spa products pomegranate facial polish Lastly, the very first Lemongrass Spa exfoliant I ever used on my face, the Pomegranate Facial Polish. The pomegranate smell is AMAZING! I would consider this to be the least abrasive exfoliant – a good place to start if you are concerned about irritating your skin. When I first started with LGS, I had a few sunspots on my face. Between the Pomegranate Facial Polish and the Organic Anti Aging Oil Serum, many of them disappeared!

Would you like to learn more about Lemongrass Spa Products and how wholesome ingredients can contribute to your health and happiness? Like my Facebook Page and Join My Group!

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Facebook Group: Lemongrass Spa With Jennifer


Carnival of Homeschooling for the Week of October 27th, 2014

Sit back, relax and enjoy  another fabulous episode of Carnival of Homeschooling!

Carol at Journey and Destination presents “Picture Books are Just for Young Children – Rubbish!” where she helps us to see the many advantages of using picture for more than just reading to our youngest kiddos. She also includes a fabulous list of her favorite picture books – I’ve found several I have never read to my kids so it’s off to the library for us tomorrow!

Harvest Moon by Hand presents “Hildegard Van Bingen – Composer Study” where we learn so much about this amazing and talented woman from long long ago. From the author: We have been studying various composers for homeschooling for several years now. We began the 2014-15 homeschool year by studying Hildegard von Bingen whose music both my daughters thoroughly enjoyed.

Annie Kate at Annie Kate’s Homeschool Reviews presents “Civics:  How our Heavenly Citizenship Affects our Earthly Countries” – Quote from the article: One of our homeschooling goals is to raise citizens of the kingdom of heaven who care about their earthly country as well. We want to equip them to influence their culture for Christ … and this includes political action. Annie Kate also includes several valuable resources on this topic.

Annie Kate also brings us a review of “The Perfect Score Project by Debbie Stier” – From the author: This is the story of one mom’s efforts to help her son study for the SAT by modelling SAT studying herself…including taking the test 7 times in one year.

Andrea at Notes From a Homeschooled Mom presents “Rote Memorization – Just Practice” where she draws homeschooling lessons about memorization from an art class video she watched – good stuff!

Julie at The Smallest Acre presents “Sea World Home School Day” – From the author: We recently took a field trip to Sea World for Sea World Home School Day.  This is a brief summary of what they have to offer.

Denise at Let’s Play Math! presents “Horseshoes: A Place Value Game” where she shows us a fun math game for all ages. You will probably also enjoy the Math Teachers at Play carnival #79 from last week: Math Teachers at Play #79

Joesette at Learning Curvey presents Happy Birthday, Picasso! where she gives us some great details on the life of this fabulous artist and shows us some of the artwork her children did in the cubist form.

Petticoat Government presents “Great Sand Dunes National Park” – From the author: We had a great autumn field trip to the sand dunes in southern Colorado, and it even tied in with our study of ancient Egypt!

Janine at Why Homeschool presents “Things I Like About Homeschooling by Baby Bop” where she shares a very sweet conversation between herself and her 8 year old homeschooler – love his replies!


I grabbed quite a few great ideas to use for school next week with my kids! I hope you did, too! Make sure to tune in next week for another fabulous Carnival. If you would like to submit an article, please click here. If you know someone who blogs about homeschooling topics, please send them this way so we can include their valuable articles too!

How To Make a Ballerina Party Tutu Table

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

As I was searching for budget-friendly ideas to decorate for our ballerina birthday party, I came across this tutu table. So adorable!

The tutorial I found (searching for it again … will post link when I find it) said to use pins to attach the tutu to the table, but I’m guessing she used a fabric tablecloth. We had to reinvent that part of the idea to work with a plastic tablecloth. This IS a ballerina party on a budget, right! 🙂

First, I measured from table to floor so I would know how long my tulling needed to be. I wanted ours as close to the ground as possible.

SAFETY NOTE: If your table is on a non-carpeted floor, you definitely do not want your tulling to touch the ground! It is very slippery to walk on!

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Next, cut strips of tulling that are double the length of what you measured – they will be folded in the middle. I used three rolls of tulling that were 40 yards each. You may want more or less depending on how fluffy you want your table tutu.

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Then, I took some ribbon and pulled off enough to go around the front and two small sides of the table – we did not cover the backside. For the spool of ribbon I bought, that was the whole thing so you might want to measure your table before you head to the store.

Get to a nice large, clean work surface with your tulling strips and the ribbon – I used the floor.

Stretch the ribbon out in front of you. Take three strips of tulling and neaten them up together. Fold them in half and keep that middle loop in front of you.

With the strands of tulling still in front of the ribbon, put the loop behind the ribbon …
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

and then pull those strands through the loop and pull tight.
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

It ends up looking like a man’s necktie.
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Keep doing this all along the ribbon.

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

I wanted primarily pink on my tutu with just a very few pops of green. So, I did all the pink first and then figured out where the green should go so it looked centered.

Pick up your ribbon with the tulling attached so you can move it to the table. This part may require a friend to help. {Unless of course, you are doing this at 1am and no one in their right mind is up the night before a party!}

The next step is done with NO tablecloth on the table yet – you’re looking at a naked table! *blush*

I used packing tape to fastened the ribbon of tulling to the table. The ribbon went on the front edge of the table and I wrapped the tape from the bottom of the table all the way to almost the other side. All the tulling together felt very heavy and I wanted to make sure it held up for the entire party.

Now, you can put on the tablecloth. You’ll have to cut slits in it so that it will go around the tape.

And that’s it! A beautiful table tutu that wows your guests and makes your tiny dancer ecstatic!!

Check out the rest of my Ballerina Birthday Party series here and you can also go to my Pinterest board to see all the other awesome ballerina ideas I’ve pinned for you!

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Printable FREEBIE For Subscribing!

Announcing! My very first FREEBIE for everyone that signs up to get updates from HomeGrownMommy!freebie post

I have always wanted to give my awesome readers something free for subscribing as a way of saying Thank You. I finally set aside a good chunk of time and made up the free download and installed the autoresponder and – wow! it was lots of work but so very very worth it.

If you look to the right side of the screen, you should see my Subscribe box with a picture of the freebie. It’s a set of 4 pieces of wall art depicting Ephesians 5:20 in two different color schemes – you can choose between pink & gray or fall colors.

freebie fall post

Originally, the set was created to print on 12×12 canvas. You could also print it in the 8X8 size on regular paper with your home printer, trim off the extra paper and frame it – just as beautiful and no waiting for the printer to send it!

What kind of emails will you get from HomeGrownMommy?

First, I have a strict privacy policy – I would never want my email sold or distributed in any way and so I will never do that with yours.

I publish articles about parenting a large family {6 kiddos here}, homeschooling, blogging, and this mommy-life I’m living. There are also reviews of products that pertain to kids or homeschooling (like various pieces of curriculumcurricula … books and stuff).

Occasionally, you will see some affiliate links and I try to make sure you know about it before you click – I receive a small commission when you purchase through those links and the funds go to support this blog and my family. When I am compensated in some way for a review, I promise to always tell you my real honest opinion about the product to help you make the best choice for your family.

Thank you so much for reading here at HomeGrownMommy!

Ballerina Party Ideas – Party Favor Bags & Free Printable Tag

Need some other ideas before you get to the party favor? See the rest of the Ballerina Party series here or the Ballerina Party Ideas Pinterest Board here. {I just pinned a bunch of cute party favor ideas for you!}

free printable ballerina bag tagThe party favor! To me, this is one portion of the party where my little ballerina can be reminded of how wonderful it is to give to her guests.

I bought a large assortment of easy bag fillers and pink paper bags and I let her go to town opening all of the pieces and creating bags for each guest. Then, I created and printed adorable bag tags and punched holes in the top. After I folded the top of each bag and punched a hole in the center of the fold, I laced some ribbon through the holes to fasten them printable ballerina party bag tag

Would you like to have that tag for your own party for free? (You can download it right here!)
Included in your freebie are three files:

  • A pdf file with 12 tags lined up, ready for printing
  • The png file of just one tag
  • And, the PowerPoint presentation on which I put all the pieces together in case you want to personalize it

The party favor bags also double as great table decorations!

Here is a small sampling of more ballerina party favor ideas from my Pinterest board that are budget-friendly:

ballerina party favor crown
These super cute Tiara and Wand favors were on but they are no longer there – it seems to me these would be easy to recreate with the tiara and wand set from a dollar store, some pink paper shreds and cellophane bag with ribbon.

ballerina party favor paper doll
This would double as a fun craft for the kids to do during the party if you misplace the notes for all of your games {ahem, not to mention names or anything}. I found this on Grey Luster Girl via Pinterest. You HAVE to go over there and read the rest of what she did for her party – too amazing!!

ballerina party favor wand
Sometimes, it really is the simplest thing that can light up a little girl’s eyes. This wand would do just that! Looks super easy to do and I found it in Adisten’s Closet via Pinterest.

Which one is your favorite?
Make sure to send me the pictures of your ballerina party favors so I can pin them on the board!



Ballerina Party Ideas – Pink Foods

ballerina birthday party pink foodWhat ballerina party would be complete without pink foods? Yum!

For this party, we didn’t have a full meal as it was after lunch-time so we had lots of little snack foods to keep our tiny dancers happy. I found so many pink food ideas, I had to create a whole Pinterest board devoted to hold them all!

We included the following on our pink table:

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Pink Malted Milk Balls
  • Red and Pink Starbursts
  • Frosted Animal Crackers
  • Birthday Cake with pink frosting

Budget-Friendly Note: I almost didn’t post a picture of my food table because it certainly does pale in comparison with the ballerina party tables you will see on my Pinterest Board devoted to this subject. With all the gorgeous cake stands filled with cupcakes, cake pops, and so many beautiful ideas, mine looks a bit boring. I had to make a decision between the time and money it would cost to fill up a table like that (certainly, there are thrift-store finds and diy projects you can utilize to be easier on the budget but then there’s the time it takes to put it together) and not putting my whole life {homeschooling, spending time with the hubby, blogging, working, volunteering, church activities …} on hold in order to accomplish it. So, I went with this table and a happy home that did not include a momma in crazy-party-planner mode!

Here are some links to other adorable pink food ideas that I didn’t use at my party:

  • ballerina slippers cookies
    Ballerina Slippers Cookies

There are 20+ more pink food ideas on the Pinterest board – go on over and check it out! What are your favorite pink foods?

Ballerina Party Ideas Series – Ballerina Cutout Wall Decoration

ballerina party ideasThis is such a fun series to write! If you want to check out the other ideas, please see the first article called Ballerina Party Ideas On A Budget. Or, you can go to my Ballerina Party Ideas board on Pinterest with even more ideas that I didn’t use at our party.

The ballerina cutout wall decoration that I put on our wall was definitely one of the highlights of the party. It really made a big impact. It took a little time to put together, but honestly it was pretty cheap.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Four pieces of poster board ($1 each)
  • Tulling
  • Stick on gems from the scrapbooking dept
  • Lots of tape
  • scissors
  • electronic file of the ballerina
  • projector
  • computer/laptop

Here are the steps I took:

First, tape the four pieces of poster board together so you make one big piece. Try to get the sheets as close together as possible to eliminate any dark gaps.

Tape/affix the large sheet on the wall.

Setup your projector and computer so that it displays the ballerina on the large poster.

Trace around the ballerina on the poster.

Cutout the ballerina.

ballerina party ideas

Add the embellishments that you would like.  I just added a pretty necklace using the stick-on gems – you could do a tiara or earrings, too.

Take the ballerina down and go to a place where you can really spread out – preferably when all kids are sleeping!

ballerina wall decoration

Measure how long you want the tulling tutu to be. I rolled off a piece of tulling in that size and folded the tulling and rolled it down to the other side and keep going like that until I had a big roll of tulling in the right length with closed off ends.

ballerina wall decoration

Then, tape one of the closed ends to the ballerina’s waist, spreading as needed if you like.

ballerina wall decoration

Spread out the other end so that the whole tutu is covered and tape the ends by folding the tape over the tulling to the back of the cutout.

ballerina wall decoration

I also taped another waistband piece of tulling across the top of the skirt to make the end look a little nicer.

That’s really about it for the ballerina. Now, we’re moving on to the stage curtains.

For this part you need:

  • Two rectangle plastic tablecloths ($1 each)
  • More tulling
  • More push pins
  • push pins (or something else to affix the plastic tablecloth to the wall if you don’t want little holes in the wall)
  • Glitter foam letters

ballet party theme

The night before the party, I hung the decorated ballerina to the right spot on the wall. When choosing a spot, keep in mind where you want the curtains to be and how wide you want the curtains so you have enough room.

I used push pins to hang my wall decoration for two reasons:

  • Our walls are covered in sand texture which makes it very very hard to get anything to stick.
  • My husband knows how to fix the holes and he said he would be willing to do it. Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

On the ballerina, I used white thumb tacks because they are flat and I thought they would blend in. For the curtains, I used clear push pins.

Once the ballerina is in place, then I started on the curtains. First, I affixed the top two corners where I wanted them – there was some slack in the middle to create the pleated effect. When the corners are in place, gather up the middle in at least two places and affix those to the wall. In the end, you’ll want the finished product to be tight to the wall all the way across.

Do the same on the other side of the ballerina with another plastic tablecloth.

ballerina party ideas

My plastic had lots of extra bunched up on the floor. So, I cut a fairly short piece of tulling and tied it in a bow around one of the curtains and puffed up some of the curtain and pinned the tulling up a bit so that the ends weren’t hanging on the floor.

Then, I hung some tulling in between the curtains, pinning them behind the curtain, making two puffy swoops {that’s a technical interior design term!}. On the lowest swoop, I placed the glitter foam letters for the word DANCE. There are small pieces of adhesive on the backs of the letters so I used those to press the letters to the tulling, but I also used some pins to hang the letters on.

On the ceiling, I hung three tissue paper balls. You can make your own with a tutorial from my Pinterest board but you can also buy them from Hobby Lobby for only $5 for three of them.

Voila! Beautiful Ballerina Wall Decoration!

I hope this series is helping you to plan your next ballerina party! Please come on over and tell us about how your planning is going!