April 8th, 2014, Mercy Me came out with a new album!! It’s awesome!! Here is a preview of the album if you want to take a listen.

My kiddos were listening to kLove radio through the internet while doing schoolwork and noticed some videos with Mercy Me and started playing them. (I’m sure it was on break from school … ahem. Really, sure.)

They heard the title track for the new album and totally fell in LOVE with it! They started writing down the words, listening to it over and over again to get them all. They want to start learning it so they can sing it in church for a special!! I’m loving their enthusiasm!

I wanted to write out the lyrics for you guys. It seems to me that, far and wide, more and more people are waking up to what grace really means. The same is true for our family. Boy, have we been on a journey!! And, this last year or two, we have learned so much more about God’s grace.

When I heard the lyrics to this song and heard MercyMe lead singer, Bart Millard, talking about moving from legalism to grace in his own life, it really rang true for my own life as well.

These lyrics speak to how awesome it is to find grace when you thought you had to work for it all this time. Praise God! It isn’t really about my works!!

(if we have any of this wrong, please feel free to chime in! The song is pretty fast and we did the best we could.)

“Welcome To The New”

(video first, then lyrics after)

Got to live righteous, stay in line
You’ve heard it all at least a million times
And, like me, you believed it

They said it wasn’t works
But trying harder couldn’t hurt
It sounds so crazy now
But back then you couldn’t see it

And now here you are
Eyes open wide
It’s like you’re seeing grace
In a brand new light
For the first time

Let us be the first to welcome you!
Welcome to the life you thought was too good to be true!
Welcome to the new!

You broke your back, kept all the rules
Jumped through the hoops to make God approve of you
Oh tell me, was it worth it

The whole time you’re spin’in place
Did you stop to think that maybe He is okay with just you
There’s no need to join the circus

And now here you are
A new point of view
And now it all makes sense
Why it’s called the Good News


Look at you
Shiny and new
Look at you
You’ve got the proof of purchase
You were purchased
‘Cuz you’re worth it

Look at you
Finding your proof
Don’t you dare think that you’re not worth it
‘Cuz you’re worth it
Yea, you’re worth it

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