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Welcome to the very first (of very many!) Book of the Week posts!  Not to mention my very first real post on this blog!  What a moment!

 The first book I’d like to highlight is one that I have read over and over again.  It’s my absolute favorite book and has changed my life from top to bottom.  It gives me inspiration when I’m dull, peace when I’m feeling crazy and advice when there is nowhere else to turn.

 You may have already guessed – it’s the Bible!  My beloved King James Bible!!  There are, of course, many versions of the Bible from the New International Version (NIV) to the New American Standard Bible (NASB), but I have chosen to read and know and love the King James (KJV).

 Never have I learned so much from one book or used one book so much to teach my own children.  In its pages are found wisdom, kindness, mercy, love, justice and righteousness.

 While you can find many arguments about the history of the Bible, I thought I would share just a bit from my own history research, much of which comes from Sam Gipp’s book, “Gipp’s Understandable History of the Bible”. 

 King James VI of Scotland acceded the the throne of England in 1603 and became King James I of England.  His life was surrounded by violence as the largest denomination around him fought and killed to get him off the throne.  He also suffered from physical problems throughout his life which left him weak and often bedridden.  He died at approximately 59 years of age in 1625 as a well loved ruler.

 It is interesting to note that this Bible was translated at a time when the English language was still young and still very pure.  There were about fifty men that, between the years of 1605 and 1609, did personal research and then gathered together to translate the Bible that was produced originally in 1611.  The Bible we now call the 1611 is actually the 1769 due to some spelling revisions.  Over time, the English language has gone through spelling changes.  For instance, “lyf” became “life”, “deel” became “deal”, “hoom” became “home”, “mone” became “moon”, “hous” became “house”, and “Sonne” became “Son”.

 The Bible is now the most printed book in the history of the world and the only book with more than one billion copies printed and counting!!

 I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!!

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