WeE-Book; The “Me Time” Myth by Amy Roberts

As you know if you’ve been reading along with me, I am reviewing several WeE-Books for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in order to apply for their Homeschool Crew.  This is the first of those reviews and I read The “Me Time” Myth by Amy Roberts.  What a refreshingly honest book!

The author talks about the idea that moms who stay home with their kids all day NEED a break from those kids.  I personally remember, when leaving my full-time job to homeschool, I was told almost immediately after the announcement to make sure I get some time for myself.  In my mind, I thought – “But, I don’t want any “me time”.  I really enjoy being with my kids!”

Ms. Roberts relates that she kept chasing the dream of this fulfilling, refueling, rejuvenating “me time” only to find an empty void and a messy home.  She was very candid that the desire for “me time” in her life continued to mount but “only served to overwhelm me even more and feed into my desire to escape”.  She finally realized that her pursuit of this time alone, away from her kids and husband was selfishness and she made a point from there on to stop searching for what she couldn’t find and begin to enjoy what she already had – a wonderful husband and children.

Once she blocked off her continual desire to have some time alone and just enjoyed where she was, the times that she did have doing things with other ladies or by herself were more enjoyable.

While this was a fast read, there was enough good solid content to keep me thinking for quite a while.  The author is not afraid to be hard-hitting and completely open about her life.  I appreciated her honesty and it helped me to look at my life more honestly in these areas

Overall, this was a very good book that I would highly recommend to any mom, but especially a new mom – how much easier her life might be if she could avoid the “me time” philosophy before it takes root in her heart.

Join me next time when I review, “Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking” by Dr. Ruth Beechick.  Until then, keep on growing!

5 thoughts on “WeE-Book; The “Me Time” Myth by Amy Roberts

    1. Hi Rebecca! I’m so glad you enjoyed my review. You can actually click on the photo of the book – it links right to the page on the “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine” website for that book!

  1. This WeE-book hit right at home and the exact moment I needed it to!! It’s an excellent article/WeE-book… I would recommend everyone ‘woman’ to read it. Thanks for the insight.

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