Babywearing How-To Video – Front Wrap

I wear my baby everywhere!  To the park, the grocery store, the mall – everywhere!  By far, the question I hear most is, “HOW did you tie that?”  The runner-up for most asked question would be, “Is that safe?  I mean, is she going to fall out?” 

I decided to record some videos showing HOW to tie on that baby which will certainly answer the question about the safety of the whole operation.

I made the wrap you see  in the video.  It took no time at all to finish off the ends and sew a tag in the middle.  Just go to your local fabric store and purchase 6 yards of gauze fabric.  Mine is a batik style – batik is the name for the process of putting the beautiful designs on the gauze.  Now, this is not the medical-grade see-through gauze of which you might be thinking.  It is a thin and breatheable yet very sturdy fabric that can hold the largest of babies!  I’ve carried my 4yr old in this wrap and not only was she comfortable, she was also safe and secure!

So, without further ado, here I am, live and in action!

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