An Interview With Joe at “I’ve Tried That” – How To Avoid Getting Scammed On the Internet

I was honored recently to do an email interview with someone who has played a large part in the creation of even though I have never personally met him!

In my quest to bring another stream of income to our budget, I did hours of internet research about different work-at-home “opportunities”.  Many of them were scams that wanted to take my money and leave me with nothing to show for it.  I just knew there had to be something I could do to help out with our finances but I did not want to waste money along the way.

In the process of that research, I came across another blog called “I’ve Tried That“.  Co-Owners Joe and Steve are dedicated to trying out different opportunities to make money online and testing out the reality of the promises that are made.  Then, they report back to you through their website and, as their tagline puts it so well, “We Lose Money So You Don’t Have To!”  I have been a subscriber to “I’ve Tried That” for some time now and have learned so much about what will make money and what will not.  Based on their advice as to what was the best way to make money online, I started this blog.

I think many single income families can benefit from the wisdom that Joe shares in this interview.  As day-to-day necessities get more and more expensive, haven’t we all tried to look for that extra dollar here, that extra dime there?  I’ll let the advice Joe gives speak for itself …

The Email Interview

Thank you so much for being willing to do this interview with me!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!  I write my blog for homeschooling families primarily.  If any of them are like me regarding income, many of them have probably tried to make money from home and gotten themselves into a scam or two.  I’d like them to see that there is someone out there who is testing these work-at-home-opportunites so they don’t have to.  So, here come the questions.

1.  Since I write my blog for families, I was wondering if you would first introduce us to your family.

My wife and I have five children, ages 17 to 3. We had the 17-yr-old first so she could babysit the 3 and 5 year olds. At least, that’s what she accuses of doing. Only the 3-year-old eats normal food. (The others are pickier than a monkey at a lice convention.)  The 5-yr-old recently told his mom, “I wish daddy didn’t have to work all the time.” That’s my biggest challenge–balancing what’s good for them against what’s good for me. The two don’t always overlap.

2.  Tell my readers a little bit about your website.

It’s a blog about working at home and avoiding online scams. We sign up for programs and then tell people what is behind the advertising. It’s modestly successful, racking up 2,000-3,000 unique visits per day, 4-5,000 page loads, 2,000+ subscribers. Its readership is growing steadily but slowly. I and a co-partner/owner run it together.

3.  Can you tell us why you started the website and about how long ago?

It’s two years old this month. We started it for two reasons: (1) we were sick of seeing all the scammy sales pages that promised a job, but were really just trying to sell you stuff. (2) We thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if someone was signing up for these programs and then would tell us what they’re really about?” We couldn’t find a site that was doing that, so we decided to build it.

4.  What is your best piece of advice for single income families that would like to bring in a little extra income without a large startup cost?

Hmm…there are a few essential “rules:”
Never pay for a “job.” If you’re being asked to pay, it’s not a job.
Earning an income online is very possible, but it takes time. If you need money now, go get a job.
If you’re willing and able to invest in education to build a long-term income, check out Wealthy Affiliate University or Blog Mastermind.

5.  What is the best at-home money making opportunity you have seen since starting your site?

The two I mentioned in #4 and also Niche Blitzkrieg (Check out my insider review of Niche Blitzkrieg.)

6.  What is the worst scam you have seen?

It’s a toss up: rebate processing or fake check scams. Google Treasure Chest is quickly gaining ground, though.

7.  About how many different work-at-home opportunities have you reviewed to this point?

About three. Let me explain. While we have more than 300 posts, around half of which are reviews of “opportunities”, all the “opportunities” are cut from the same basic cloth. Opportunity A promises thousands of $$ per day for little work, but turns out to be a shoddy e-book telling you about affiliate marketing or Google Adwords/Adsense.

8.  With ever-changing technology and the wide-spread use of social networking like facebook and twitter combined with the worries about the economy, what kind of trends do you see for the future of work-at-home opportunites?  Do you see any large changes in opportunities or do you think things will remain as they are for a while?

I think the wave of how social networking affects the work-at-home industry is yet to arrive. Internet marketers use it effectively, but they’re not typical at-home workers. These newest technologies have little or no impact on the average at-home worker, IMO.  The trend I see is a gradually increasing tendency for traditional employers to allow telecommuting. The sheer ubiquity of technologies that are less sexy than Twitter and Facebook make telecommuting workers possible and even favorable for some employers. When manufacturing jobs go away, we’ll have to retool our economy and create a bunch of information jobs. Those information workers will increasingly work from home. That’s a clear trend already. What is not clear is how quickly the numbers will increase. They would increase faster if employees would learn to ask for it from their employers.

Thank you so much, Joe, for the great information!

I really like how Joe cut down all the noise out there down to just a few very important pieces of advice. There are so many promises and guarantees online, it is sometimes very hard to distinguish the truth from fiction. Armed with the information in this article and on the website I’ve Tried That, you can rest assured that you will not waste your hard-earned money on a scam!

I am so glad to have been able to pick Joe’s brain a little bit and I hope you have learned something along the way.

Until next time, keep on growing!

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