I Had Unexpected Company AND a Day Off – All Because of My Schedule

At the risk of boring you with the same old stuff, I wanted to tell you about my fun times this weekend!  Just another reason that scheduling and doing away with the weekend mentality are wonderful additions to your life!

Sunday evening at church, we were able to see some friends that we hadn’t gotten a chance to spend time with in quite a while.  We all decided we wanted to eat together after church and our house is less than two miles away, making it the best destination for some more time together.

I did not have to worry quietly about messes and piles that awaited my return as in times past.  What a relief!  I was able to happily say that everyone was more than welcome at our home.  Over the weekend, I had kept a loose schedule based on what we do during the week so all the regular chores were done and things were maintained.  As our friends entered the house, one of them said, “Your house looks so nice, were you expecting company?”  That, my friends, is one of the best compliments you can pay to a woman who works in the home!!

So, we stayed up a little later Sunday night … which made for a crabby Monday morning!  (It was well worth spending the time with very good friends though!)  Since the house was in ship-shape condition, I was able to take a vacation day and go see my husband for lunch to boot!  It was a rare treat and much more enjoyable knowing that I didn’t have a messy home calling out to me.  My oldest son did a half day of school work and then we all sat together and watched it rain outside (and rain and rain and rain!), read books, watched a nice family video and got dinner ready for Daddy’s return home.

It is so satisfying to know that things are taken care of around the house.  I remember when I was newly married or when our first baby came and I was so overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done around the house to make it a home!  It was hectic and stressful.  After straightening out my schedule and following some basic rules of home maintenance, things feel more calm and peaceful.

If it seems that your home is always messy or you frequently feel at wits end, try a schedule on for size!  You might be surprised at how well it fits!

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