Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho

Building the Walls of Jericho
One of My Preschoolers Crafting Jericho

Recently, our Bright Beginnings curriculum took us through the battle of Jericho with Joshua and the children of Israel.  We had a really great time learning about this together so I thought I would share what we did!

First, I sat at the dry erase board with my two preschoolers and we read through the story in the Bible with some Mom-mentary (kind of like commentary, only its from Mom!).  I drew pictures of the whole story – very rough pictures, but they were good enough to get the point across.

Then, we stomped around the kitchen table one time, and rested, then another time, and rested … you get the idea!  We did that six times to mimic what the children of Israel had to do.  On the seventh turn, we stomped around seven times and then yelled!  (Thankfully, we didn’t wake the baby from her nap!  What a good baby!)

Of course, we sang the “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho” song.  Every year in September, our church has a “Kid’s Night” where each Sunday School class puts on a little skit for the church people.  Last year, my kids did a skit about this very story, so they know the song by heart!

Building the Walls of Jericho
Can I Eat It Now Mom?

For our hands-on activity, we built Jericho!  We used a rice cake as the foundation (does that qualify as rock or sand?) and spread frosting over it, somewhat thickly.  Then, we put quarter pieces of graham crackers around the rice cake, leaving a little bit of room for the children of Israel to march.  The Israelites were gummi bears and we placed those all around the outside of the cracker walls.  Those walls fell down flat alright!  Flat into our stomachs!  Even my ten-year-old begged to participate in this activity with us!  (I forgot to save the website where I saw the idea – I looked again while I was writing this up, but still couldn’t find it.  Please just know this idea isn’t original with me and if I find the site, I’ll certainly link it here to give credit where credit is due.)

So, with just a few items from around the house, we learned through our eyes (drawing on the dry erase), through our ears (story-telling and song), and our hands (building and eating Jericho!).

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4 thoughts on “Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho

  1. I’m gonna have to do this with my children. I think all of them would enjoy it though. Thanks for the idea!!


  2. Thanks for this post with great ideas! I’m using some of them in my Sunday School class tomorrow!
    Feel free to check out my blog and leave a comment on a post! (I found your blog through Google, by the way)

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I started using the white board to draw stories for my 2-3yr old Bible class. I think they like the suspense and the visual . Love the marching idea and song! Thanks!

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