Top 5 Books According to Justus – So Far Anyway!

My kids are bona fide, certified bookworms!  Only the older two can actually read, but even the younger two will sit for quite a long time “reading”.

After some inspiration from other blogging moms, I decided to ask my oldest what his favorite books are.  He really enjoyed doing this with me because he likes the blogs.  What he wants to do is go to the library and find the other books he has really enjoyed – most of his favorites are at the library.  By and large, he is a history buff.  Almost any book that has anything to do with history, he’ll eat it up!

I just took the description from the back of the book, but I may have HIM do this next time!  We could probably count it for a few different classes!

Snow Treasure: A Story of Courage and Adventure by Marie McSwigan – Now, every sled ride was a matter of life and death.  Peter Lundstrom never thought he would become a hero.  But that bleak winter of 1940 was like no other.  Nazi troops parachuted into Peter’s tiny village and held it captive.  Nobody thought they could be defeated – until Uncle Victor told Peter how the children of the village could fool the enemy.  It was a dangerous plan.  Peter and his friends had to slip past  Nazi guards with nine million dollars in gold hidden on their sleds.  It meant risking their country’s treasure and their lives.

Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens –While we don’t currently own any of these books, Justus still wanted to put it in the top 5 because he just enjoyed them so much.  It has been a while since he read any of them, but about two or three years ago he was devouring them at lightning speed. There are 36 titles in this set of books aimed at Christian boys.  It is so very hard to find books aimed at boys, especially a series, that I really leaped on these when he was reading them.  Some parts talk about fighting but always counteracts it with what Scripture says about it.  My son found them so interesting that he devoured the whole series.  I limited him to three books per library trip just to be courteous to other borrowers otherwise he would have taken everything the library had on the shelf!  The stories are written in the first person primarily as the author talks about things that happened in his childhood.  There is a new DVD series out by the same name, but it only loosely depicts the fun and adventure of a gang of boys back in the day.  Justus loved the books and wouldn’t even watch the DVDs because of how much he felt they changed.

Alexi’s Secret Mission: Adventure and Intrigue of Christians in Siberian Exile by Anita Deyneka – Justus is still reading this one but says he loves it so far.  It wasn’t fair!  Because they were Christians, they were exiles, deported from their home in Leningrad to the cold wasteland of Siberia.  But Alexi, his sister Tanya, and their parents soon discovered that even here Christianity survived.  If he renounced his faith, Alexi could be a hero, a star on his school’s hockey team.  It wasn’t fair!  Why couldn’t he be a Christian AND a hockey star?  Alexi soon discovered a far more thrilling mission.  He could become a secret hero, a true Christian soldier, freeing men’s minds from the tyranny of atheistic Communism with the help of the Bible and faith.  (Anita Deyneka, a missionary with the Slavic Gospel Association, is also the author of Tanya and the Border Guard, and Fire!  She and her husband, Peter Deyneka, Jr., coauthored Christians in the Shadow of the Kremlin.

Mystery of the Roman Ransom by Henry Winterfield – Trouble begins when Mucius, Caius, Antonius, and four other young Romans give their schoolmaster, Xantippus, a present – a newly captured slave from Gaul named Udo – only to discover that Udo is carrying a secret message ordering the murder of a famous Roman senator.  All seven of th boys are sons of famous senators, and so they set out to track down the assassins, blundering from one dangerous adventure to another until their bravery and the cool logic of Xantippus saves the day. **Special Note:  This book contains information about the Roman gods and what/how the Romans worshipped during this time.  It sparked lots of conversation about the issues and I was able to clarify/talk about quite a few things with him.  It made me more confident in his foundation and his world view.  But, I thought I would make sure to mention it since you’ll want to judge whether or not to read it on the basis of your own children.

We Were There Series – We do not own any of these books but Justus gets a constant supply from our church library.  I had never heard of the series or seen it before and I am so glad one of the ladies at church told us about it!  This description from Wikipedia; The We Were There books are a series of historical novels written for children. The series consists of 36 titles, first released between 1955 and 1963 by Grosset & Dunlap. Each book in the series is a fictional retelling of an historical event, featuring one or more children as primary characters. The books were written by a number of different authors, each writing from one to seven of the books.  Each book’s byline also lists a separate “historical consultant,” who was ostensibly a specialist in the historic topic covered by that particular book. The historical consultants were typically college professors or, in the case of war-related stories, retired military officers. The dust jackets of the original printings of the books describe the series as follows: We Were There books are easy to read and provide exciting, entertaining stories, based upon true historic events. Each story is checked for factual accuracy by an outstanding authority on this particular phase of our history. Though written simply enough for young readers, they make interesting reading for boys and girls well into their teens.

Justus can’t wait for me to do this again soon!  He had fun looking over my shoulder, talking about the books, and remembering the storyline and plot.  I think he really enjoyed being an expert in his “field”!

There must be other children of blogging mommies out there who would love to participate more in the blog!

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