Tribute To My Daddy

dadtribute2I love to celebrate my husband on Father’s Day!  He is a wonderful Father who absolutely dotes on his children and loves them to pieces!  I enjoy creating gifts for him with the children and seeing the happiness in his eyes as he receives the gifts – the best gift of all being that his children love him and spent time to think of him!

But, through it all, I have this sad emptiness in a small part of my heart for my own Daddy.  It sticks there all day until I can just cry it out and move on with life tomorrow.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Dad and wish he were here, but Father’s Day magnifies those feelings.  So, here’s my cry-time.

I know most of you have already hugged your Dad today – do it one more time for me. 

Call him just once more and tell him you love him. 

If you haven’t wished him Happy Father’s Day because there is some “issue” between you, move on the best you can and enjoy the time you’ve been gifted, for it truly is a gift.

Me and My Daddy
Me and My Daddy


My Daddy died nearly eight years ago two days before Christmas.  Memories of many different things have slipped from the cracks of my mind, but the night my Dad breathed his last will never be forgotten.  I was in a beautiful candle-light service at my church, enjoying the warm glow from the candles and the fellowship of my friends around me.  Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and I was called to the lobby.  My mom was there looking bewildered saying, “He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing!”  When she finally told me who, the room started spinning and I ran into the church to grab my Bible so we could get to his house.  My Daddy had a heart attack at 49 years old.  My poor sweet brother found him and tried to revive him but it was already too late.  I’m quite sure he’ll never get that memory to erase either.

My Daddy was loving and very gentle.  He was a quiet man and because of that, we often misunderstood what he was thinking or feeling.  He loved the races and would be so jealous that I now live only 30 minutes from the Daytona Speedway – he would probably have moved here by now!  He was so caring  and so kind.

Left to Right, My Little Bro, My Little Sis, Me, My Dad
Left to Right, My Little Bro, My Little Sis, Me, My Dad

I sure do miss my Daddy.

Please, appreciate each and every person around you each and every day. Even when your spouse is being a little grouchy.  Even when the kids are being a little naughty.  Even when the neighbors are being a little loud.  You just never know when someone will leave you forever. 

Was that the last word you spoke to them? 

Was that the last hug? 

Was that the last smile? 

You can’t live your life in fear, but you can be mindful enough that you never allow yourself to take your loved ones for granted.

To my friends and family reading this, I love you!

6 thoughts on “Tribute To My Daddy

  1. I know exactly how you feel and my heart and my (((hugs))) go out to you. I lost my dad 2 days after Christmas 2002 and not a day goes by that I do not miss him, but especially on Fathers Day, Birthday and other holidays. He will always be remembered but never forgotten.

  2. My father is still alive. He is saved, but I still dread the day he leaves for heaven.

    I cried one big (manly) tear for you just now.

    God bless you and your wonderful family.


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