Top 7 Reasons I Love to Blog

I never would have thought that I would enjoy blogging as much as I do! And, the reasons I love it are far from the reasons I started the blog in the first place! 

I have been searching and groping and combing and hunting (yes, I love my thesaurus) to find SOME kind of legitimate opportunity to bring in a small supplemental income.  (Not that I would turn away a large supplemental income!)  Over the years, I have tried to keep up with a family blog and always seemed to fall behind for one reason or another – it was a struggle to be consistent. 

So, when I found IveTriedThat and they suggested blogging as their number one work-at-home opportunity, I figured it would never work for me.  After discussing it with my husband, together we thought we might be able to tackle it.  The rest is what you see here – the combined efforts of myself and my hubby, with the children cooperating in photos, inspiration, and general sweetness.

That’s why I started the blog, and here’s why I love it …

7.  Accountability – As I hash out what I want to write about and what kind of format I want to follow on the blog, there are some things that I start but don’t keep up with.  But, in general, I really feel accountable to my readers when I start a topic and say that I’ll keep posting about that topic.  There is an almost guilty feeling if I don’t post when I say I will.  Now, some may say, “oh don’t feel guilty” but especially in some areas, I need SOME kind of feeling to keep me going!  I actually like the internal drive to keep me consistent.

6.  Portability – I can blog any time, anywhere!  (Thanks to my husband’s laptop!)  We went on a trip recently and I was able to publish articles and keep up with other maintenance from the road.  Imagine having a job where you could take a day off but still be there!

5.  Learning – At first I was going to write that I like learning about the internet, but I shortened it to just learning because I am learning about so many things while blogging and researching for articles.  Certainly, I am learning about the internet and computers a little bit more, but I’m also learning about other blogging moms and the issues they run into in their daily lives.

4.  Writing – Unlike my lovable husband and my darling son, I love to write.  I always have loved it – since grade school and high school.  I just love to put words together, figure out different hopefully better words, insert little jokes, paint a word picture for someone and on and on!  It’s also a great exercise for the brain.  I had forgotten how much I loved to write in the midst of all my mommy-ing and cleaning and cooking and cleaning.  It just sort of fell to the bottom of the “to-do” list.  Not that I mind – I LOVE being a mommy way more than I love writing, but … I’m glad I rekindled the love of writing through this blog.

3.  Husband and Wife Team – This is one hobby/job that I can do WITH my husband!  He helps me with the technical side of things and I pump out the articles.  And, we are a VERY good team, if I do say so myself!

2.  Helping – To think that the words and phrases I put together in the comfort of my living room may some day actually help someone, may ease a burden they’ve been carrying, may make a hard decision easier is an unspeakable honor.  You have no idea how it makes my day to see a comment on the blog that someone liked an article or that an article helped them in some way, even if it was just that I made them laugh!  I desire to help others and this blog is one way to do it.

1.  Meeting other people – It was so hard to number the other things on this list, except this one.  I am really enjoying forming internet friendships with the owners of the other blogs I have visited.  Honestly, I was very skeptical of “internet relationships” be they platonic or otherwise.  Even though someone very close to me found a wonderful person online and they have now been in love for nearly eight years, I figured they were the exception.  It just didn’t seem that you could really form strong ties to someone you can’t see, who’s voice you can’t hear, who’s hug you can’t feel.  But, I am already finding that I visit blogs just to check in on that person and see how their weekend was because I like them.  It’s a weird thing for me – but it really is nice to meet these ladies and get to know them!

Anyone else have reasons they love to blog that I didn’t think of?  Please post a comment!

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