Works For Me Wednesday – Best Summer Recipes

works for me wedWorks For Me Wednesday, which is hosted by WeAreTHATFamily,  is having a theme this week – Best Summer Recipes!

It is HOT here in Florida!  It is almost always hot here in Florida!

(Almost always – did you know that it actually froze a few times in January of this year?  Bugs actually died!  It was cool!)

Anyway, I just got done researching easy summer meals that I could make for my family without making my kitchen hotter than my backyard!  I am certainly not promising that these are all fabulously healthy meals, but they don’t require an oven.  That’s what’s important to me at the moment!


Lunch & Dinner


  • S’mores Pudding  (Chocolate pudding topped with graham crackers and marshmallows!  My kids adore this!)
  • Cookies and Cream Cheesecake
  • and many others! (trying to lose weight, so I couldn’t even get out my dessert recipes or I’d hopelessly falter!!)

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