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This is MY husband, who ROCKS!!!

My Husband Rocks Meme

As I write this article, my wonderful husband is taking care of the kids while I hibernate in the bedroom with the laptop. 

Because writing for the blog takes so much time and because I only do it when the children are sleeping, I was getting pretty overwhelmed with all the work I needed to do to get good content on the blog daily.  I was staying up very late each night and having some rough days. 

We re-prioritized a few things and decided that it would be better to have one long night in which to write all my articles. 

So, usually Monday’s, I get dinner somewhat together and he takes over from there.  He cooks, he bathes the children if necessary, he helps them clean up, he does the night-time routine, he reads to them, he puts them in bed.

It has really made this attempt to create a home-based business so much smoother!  I feel much better because I get all my articles written in one night and I have time for the other things that need my attention!  All because my husband is willing to make the sacrifice to do some (a lot) of the things he doesn’t really like to do in order to make my life easier!

But, I really shouldn’t be surprised.  He has shown his supportive side over and over again, through thick and thin.  The event that stands out far and away above the rest is the time he supported me through my last pregnancy with our little breech baby.  (You can read the birth story here if you like.)

He supported my opinions and desires when we had to make some big, tough decisions.  He upheld my faith in the outcome of the situation when I waivered and cried and doubted.  We were able to have a wonderfully successful natural delivery (only ONE push!) and I believe it had so much to do with his support!

My Husband Rocks!!!

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