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Putting together this carnival was so much fun for me! I found myself reading the articles in a much more focused way and because of that, I got so much more out of each article.  Looking for a main theme or an overall message in each article made me really pay more attention instead of just giving the articles a casual read.  I plan to have paper and pen next to me every time I read the carnvial from now on!

Without further ado, here are this week’s submissions for the Carnival of Homeschooling!

I have broken all the articles into three different themes and I hope it helps you organize your reading or find something that needed to make your school year go more smoothly!



Debbie at Una Familia Alaskena presents When Homeschooling Is Hard – a wonderful list of things to be thankful for when homeschooling times get tough.

Because we all go through hard times during the homeschooling year, I thought it would be appropriate to set before you, first and foremost, a list of things to be thankful for in regard to homeschooling.  Print it out and add some of your own thoughts.  Post it on the refrigerator.  When you are in the day-in-and-day-out of the school year and you have an unthankful or distraught moment, this list will be right there to cheer you on to the next day! 

I wonder how many mommies out there would LOVE to stay home with their child(ren) but, for so many reasons, just cannot.  I was one of those mommies once and I will never forget having to leave my little boy crying and waving at the daycare window as I drove down the street toward work, in tears.  There are hard times with my kids and there are times when I feel like I’m not doing anything right.  But I am so glad I don’t ever have to live another day without my beautiful, precious, wonderful children by my side.

I am thankful that I have the priviledge and opportunity to homeschool.

Okay!  I’m off my soapbox now!  Here are the rest of the submissions!


Lessons/Lesson Plans/Teaching Ideas

Lisa at The Berry Patch presents Creative Learning where she passes us her notes from a workshop she has taught which helps moms of younger children pull together creative and FUN games and activities so that they are learning right along with the rest of the children.  This post is chock full of links to many different resources to keep your little one, not just busy, but happily learning!  If Maine wasn’t so far from Florida, I’d be there next year to be at that homeschooling workshop!

Tom at Teach Forever presents The “Golden Girls” Guide To Telling A Great Story which teaches us how to tell a good story by looking at and learning from those who are good at it, The Golden Girls.

Lynn at Eclectic Education presents Using Notebooks and Interactive Notebooks in our Studies! where she wraps up a week of notebooking and, judging by the output, I think the kids are really enjoying their studies.  Includes a very informative links for interactive notebooking.

Aimee at Aimee’s Land presents Homeschool Talk: Easy, Fun Art Projects. Aimee includes pictures of very quick and simple art projects that you could whip up for your children in a snap!

Lori at Loving Learning At Home presents What Wonderful Plan For This Upcoming School Year where she talks about the exciting plans she has for her two children – it is so wonderful when mom is just as excited about learning as the kids are!

Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage presents A Homeschooler’s Guide To Graphic Organizers which was a very intriguing article about a topic I had never heard of before.  Graphic organizers look like a great concept to use when reviewing topics for my son who is also in fifth grade, just as Jimmie’s daughter.  She gives a tremendous number of resources along with the idea so that you don’t have to spend lots of time trying to find the tools you need to put this idea into practice.  By far most, if not all, of the resources she gives are FREE!!

Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage also presents Reading Journals which was another fabulous resource that I really think I would like to use for my oldest son.  When our kids so engrossed in their books, they are really eating, sleeping and living that book!  But, by the time they are done reading, the only response we can get to the question “So, how was the book?” is “Good.”  “What was the book about?”  “A boy.”  This helps them to jot down their thoughts WHILE they are reading which will help them to draw out the lessons from the book and remember them longer! 

Matthew at Fined Tuned Finances presents Things Your Teens Should Know About Finances in which he talks about just three very basic and very important financial areas that our children need to have experience in before they head out into the world.  From elementary aged to college level, these basics will get you talking to your kids about the realities of finances.

Christine at Our Curious Home presents Picking Blueberries with K where she reminisces about picking blueberries with her husband during their courting period to picking blueberries with their children now and how some of the events back then shaped how she interacts with her children.  A full-circle story beautifully told.

Bleu at The Little Red Homeschool presents Labor Day Lesson Plan with a very timely article detailing a lesson she has planned out to teach her children about Labor Day.

Nikki at Chosy Homeschooler Blog presents Challenge Your Younger Child’s Mapping Skills with This Free, Easy-to-Use Interactive where she does a review of this wonderful online game to help teach your children about maps!

Amy at Hope Is The Word presents First Week Of Kindergarten.  Some of you veteran mommies will sigh at the thought of going back to that very first week with your very first little angel.  Amy talks about curriculum she is using and realized how familiar it all seemed, even though it was her first week.  Shouldn’t she be hearing a voice from the clouds?  Homeschooling moms homeschool from the very first day, don’t they!  What a blessing!

Debbie at Debbie’s Digest presents Busy Hands Makes Busy Minds and talks about her boys playing while she reads to them.  Playing?  Yes – playing and it really is okay!  Her boys (my boys, too) listen so much better when their hands are occupied.  I am sure there is some scientific or psychoanalytic explanation for it – I just know that it works for us!

Becca at Inspiration for Mothers presents How To Strengthen Your Kids In The Face Of Difficulties.  She talks to us about the wonderful opportunities that lie before us when our kids want to talk, when they just want to be heard.  What should I say when they come to me and ask “if I tell you something will you promise not to be angry?”  Becca covers some of the possible areas of discussion and what you might say.


The “How” Of Homeschooling (like – yearly schedules, approaches, tools to use, etc.)

Tristan at Our Busy Homeschool presents Learning Never Stops with schooling year round and shows how her children are initiating their own learning.

Kimberly at Raising Olives presents How We Homeschool: An Overview where she walks us through the most important points of their homeschooling philosophy. 

Lara at Texas Home Steader presents A Pot Of Gold – such a beautifully touching story about the whole reason for homeschooling in the first place!  Are YOU rich?

Autumn at Homeschooling in Kerrville presents Who’s Teaching Your Kids Life Lessons? which is written as an admonision to us all to be very careful about who is giving our kids that first impression of a concept they’ve never heard of before.  What a great challenge to protect the eyes and ears and hearts of our precious gifts!

Jennifer at Schooling Memoirs presents Child Originated Learning by pointing out how her children took it upon themselves to create their own stories.

Monica at Paper Bridges presents The Birth Of A Writer  reminds us that sometimes a “hands-off” approach is the best way to let kids do their learning.  For Monica’s daughter, it worked in the area of creative writing – maybe it can work for you, too.

DevilDogWife at Marine Corps Nomads presents Organization, Flexibility, Discipline where she defines each of these top three things a homeschooling family needs and tells us just how important it is for her homeschooling family – we all could learn from following these three things a little more closely.

Lori at Hearthside Homeschool Reviews and More presents Our Family & Homeschool Vision i think we can all relate to this post in a big way – the printed version of the vision statement was lost behind the refrigerator which was a picture of what had happened in her heart and mind.  As humans, we really need visual reminders, we need to do something about the goals we make.  Lori pulled out that vision, revamped it and has rekindled the vision in her home.  She helps you do the same!


Why We Homeschool

Janine at Why Homeschool presents Homeschooling Strengthens Families.  Janine looks back over the last two years of her children working, playing and learning together and reflects on how it as benefitted everyone – especially the baby!  Such an adorable story of a little boy who is loved and adored by each family member.  These relationships would not be possible if it were not for the freedom to homeschool.

Sarah at Mama’s Bloggin presents The Choice To Homeschool where she remembers how her family walked down the schooling path to find that homeschooling was the best choice for them.

Kristen at A Day In The Life presents Why We Homeschool  reminds herself (and us) about the reasons she started homeschooling seven years ago.  We would all do well to follow her lead and actually write out a list like this for ourselves and post it in a prominent place in our home.  We all have hard days and times when we question what we are doing – this list could put a quick end to those feelings!

Catherine at Petticoat Government presents She Asked For It!  which is a very well articulated article concerning her reasons for choosing to homeschool her two little girls.  With parents in the field of education, she was taught quite a bit about the “other side” of the public school system and decided to stay away from it with her kids.

Lisa at Back to Nature at the Wyldhouse Homestead presents Parents ARE Smart Enough to Homeschool Their Children! (Even if They Don’t Have a College Degree) where she encourages all of us with the reasons why she homeschools.  I was touched and encouraged almost to tears when she pointed out that she, as the mom, has a learning disability in the area of math – and yet, her son scored in the 90th percentile for math last spring when he took the state required acheivementtest!  What a joy!!  And how did she do it?  With lots of love and determination – not a college degree or the brain of a genius!



Amanda at A Mountain Mom presents Organizing My Back-To-School where we get to take a peek inside her file folders and cabinet drawers to see how she plans for and organizes all her unit stuides

Mrs. White at The Legacy Of Home presents How I Reorganized My Life At Home And Stopped Weeping From The Burden with a very thorough look into how she organizes all the chores, homeschooling, schedules, requests, and so much more – all in one binder.  It has brought peace to her heart and happiness to her home.  It would be a great tool for any busy mom to try out.



(I hate to even have a section called “Miscellaneous”.  To me, the heading sort of implies that the category isn’t very important.  Each of these articles is well-written and full of great information and I hope you will get the chance to stroll through each one! )

Deana at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom presents What Love Means To A 4-8 Year Old where we get to see the answers that children ages 4 to 8 give to the question, “What is Love?”  I love the little boy who says, “You just know your name is safe in their mouth”.  It reminds me of the commandment “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”.  Is God’s name safe in our mouths because of how much we love Him?  It also reminds me that sometimes, the things we think convey love to our kids are not what our kids call to mind when defining love.  It is very interesting – I think I’ll ask my kids what they think love is and see what they say.

Cristina at Home Spun Juggling presents Personal Energy Conservation where she helps us all remember to stop and rest a while before your own internal engine starts running low on gas.

Rose at Learning At Home presents Talking To Telemarketers Can Be Fun where she details her conversation with one such person recently.  In order to “qualify” to answer questions on a family life and parenting survery, you have to watch 16 hours of television PER WEEK???  Yikes!!!

“The Mom” at Once Upon A Family presents They Just Want To Play with a great reminder that, sometimes, kids just want to play together and that’s really alright!

Free Inquiry At Home presents Tomorrow, It’s Official revealing how it feels to see other kids go to school while she keeps her children home!


I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Homeschool Carnival.  Thank you for all your contributions!

Please take a moment to comment and/or spread the word by posting to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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Or if you’d like to look through previous editions, they are listed at Why Homeschool.

Thank you again to all those who took the time to submit posts and share!

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