Works For Me Wednesday – The Sick Are Made Well

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Making my poor sick little boy all better works for me!!

I’m sure all the mommies out there will agree with me – I hate it when my kids are sick!  They come out of the bedroom in the morning with that green look on their face, walking so slowly because if they make one wrong move they might lose last night’s dinner, saying “Momma, I don’t feel good.”

Pretending To Be Sick So I Could Take A Picture For This Article!

If hugs and kisses made it all better, my kids would only be sick for a few minutes because I can’t help but to scoop them up and sit on the couch with them for a while.

But, I do know something that DOES make it all better!  Herbs!!

Yes, I am one of those freaky natural health people.  We use coconut oil for sunscreen, aloe for mosquito bites and garlic for everything else!

Honestly, I can’t say that everything we do would around here would meet the strictest of natural guidelines (we have sugar sometimes!) but I do feel so much better about giving my kids medicines from the bountiful medicine cabinet God gave us in our gardens.  I have watched garlic enemas take a fever down in minutes, homemade salve make a diaper rash go away and a poultice take away a huge snowboarding bruise.

This morning, my sweet little boy ran out of his bedroom into the bathroom while frantically calling for me.  He was sick – on the second day of homeschool!  So much for sticking to the schedule.

Sick No More!
Sick No Longer!

He was either “using” the bucket or sleeping most of the morning, so I couldn’t get my herbal syrup in him as soon as I would have liked.

But, once the dose was taken, it was only a matter of an hour or less before he stopped vomiting.  Shortly before lunch, he actually emerged from his room to sit on the couch with some books.  By the time my girls and I were  eating lunch, he actually wanted some, too.  By the time lunch was over, he was playing with his cars and acting like nothing had happened.

The Secret Is In The Sauce

So, what exactly is IN that syrup?

Glad you asked!

Here is the recipe:

3 parts Immune Booster Combination (echinacea purpurea tops and root, nettle, peppermint)

2 parts cut Red Clover

2 parts cut Yarrow Flowers

2 parts Elderberries

1 part Restful Sleep Tincture (alfalfa, catnip, chamomile, hops, oatstraw, passionflower, peppermint)

Simmer the herbs in a combination of water and food-grade vegetable glycerin.  The amount of liquid you use will depend on what measurement you used for a “part” when combining your herbs.  Following the advice in the book, “ABC Herbal” by Steven Horne, I use about two teaspoons of dry herbs to one cup of liquid.  For this recipe, I used 2 and 1/2 cups of filtered water and the same amount of glycerin.

Simmer for at least three hours.  Then, strain out the herbs and store in the refrigerator in a glass jar with a lid.

I have always purchased my herbs from The BulkHerb Store– they have the best prices, the best shipping, and the best customer service!  This is where I bought the two pre-mixed ingredients for this recipe.  But, after looking at the website to link those products here for you, I saw that both of them have changed in name and ingredients.  The new names are Double-E Immune Booster and Sleep Tight Tea or Snooze Tincture.

I purchase my food-grade vegetable glycerin from Azure Standard.  Usually, I buy two gallons at a time and, while the shipping is expensive for something so heavy, they really do have the best shipping prices anywhere.

When I first started using herbs instead of over-the-counter medicines, I only used the Immune Booster mixture.  Since then, I have done lots more reading and experimenting and this combination does wonders.  Because of the echinecea in the Immune Booster, you cannot give this as an everyday preventative measure.  Echinecea has been shown to make the immune system lazy if used for too long consecutively.

Every year, my kids get sick right before Youth Night at the church.  They practice plays and skits and memorize Scripture for weeks and it all culminates on this one night.  I have never been able to bring all of my children to participate because at least one is always sick!  This year, I plan to start giving them this syrup about a month before the big night.  We’ll do one week on and one week off, making sure that the last “on” week is the week of Youth Night.

Using herbs to make my kids better (or prevent them from getting sick) Works For Me!

(Additional Note:  I originally wrote this post two weeks ago and kept forgetting to post it!  Since then, we’ve had two additional “saves” with this remedy.  The first was my daughter who started feeling ill early in the day.   She was better before dinner after taking two doses.  And, the most surprising one for me, was my husband!  He HATES taking my herbal concoctions and I, of course, do not force the issue.  One day last week, he was coming down with a cold and asked what he should do.  When I suggested this remedy, he made “the face” but actually took two doses.  By the next day, he felt much better!)

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12 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday – The Sick Are Made Well

  1. Wow. I have always wanted to try herbal supplements, but it seems a little overwhelming. I’d love to get a recipe or suggestion for a newbie. Also, I’m super impressed by your concoction!

    1. Kelly – It can definitely be overwhelming! There is so much information out there and so many wonderful herbs to choose from. I used to sit in front of the computer looking up things for hours each night and I just confused myself more and more. I finally decided to narrow my herbal “medicine cabinet” to a few herbs that work for lots of things and get to know those really really well. Then, if something came up that wasn’t covered by those, I’d research a bit more to find what I needed. Garlic is an absolute powerhouse of an herb!! I wrote an article about garlic here – this is another blog I run just for herbal “newbies” to help them get started! It is a new blog and lots of it is devoted to breech babies right now, but I am working on getting lots of practical information up there for those just starting on this herbal journey!

  2. Do you have any ideas for anti-inflammatories? the Dr took me off mine because they were hard on my kidneys and now I need something else. Any ideas?

    1. Weeble – My very first thought when it comes to inflammation and anti-inflammation is diet. Make sure that you aren’t consuming things that would promote the inflammation. Many folks just make a slight change in their diet and no longer need the meds anyway. Foods with trans fats, lots of sugar, lots of saturated fat (especially fast food and processed food) will certainly make inflammation worse. Dairy products have been a common cause of inflammation in many. Search the internet with the keywords “diet” and “inflammation” and you will find a wealth of knowledge.

      Aside from diet, there are some herbs that you can use to help calm the inflammation as well. (Just know that if you keep eating inflammatory foods, the herbs will not work.) Ginger is one of the most easily accessible anti-inflammatory herbs – get a good quality powdered ginger and take 1,000 mg or less twice daily. You must do this diligently for a month before you will see the results. Other herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties include turmeric, licorice root, chamomile, and cayenne pepper.

    1. Heather – Lobelia works wonders for teething! Make up a syrup using 2 tsp dried lobelia to 1/2 cup glycerin and 1/2 cup water – let it heat a few hours. Once it is cool and the herbs are strained out, rub it on the baby’s gums every hour or so. It’s not exactly a numbing sensation like oragel, but it sort of tingles the gums to make them feel better.

      Otherwise, almost any store carries teething tablets by Hyland’s Homeopathic – I even saw them at WalMart and Walgreens. The baby takes two or three and they disolve under the tongue. They work very well, too!

  3. Do you have a “starter” post that outlines the herbal medicine kit? Could be a great series for your other blog.

    Also, we swear by Hylands around here. Nothing worked as well as those tabs did!

    1. I know this post is old and almost-moldy in blog years! But, I was checking some things out about my HomeGrownMommy website and came across this discussion again! It reminds me to get back to working on my other blog,

      I did actually start an article series about the “top 10” herbs to have with you. Here is the direct link to the series:

      My favorite part about that other website is that I started it with a heart to help first-step beginners to clear away all the noise out there in the “natural health” realm so they could really get a good starting point. (My other favorite part about NHT is helping pregnant ladies turn their breech babies!)

      My top 10 is probably different than someone else’s top 10 – but I think everyone approaches natural health so differently and herbs can be applied in so many ways. That’s part of the fun and confusion of starting down this natural road!

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