Review – Smelly Washer

Smelly Washer

My washer?  Smelly?  Of course not!

I honestly did not think I really needed this product when I first had the opportunity to review it.  I thought it sounded really interesting and there were some towels that I had wrecked by accidentally leaving them in the washer too long.  But, other than that, I did not have any of the horror stories that some people tell of like washers that just stink constantly.

Think again!

I used the SmellyWasher product to clean my washing machine over-night as the very-easy-to-follow directions described.  Just put the water on the hottest setting, pour in one capful of the product, let it run a few minutes and then let it sit overnight.  I left the top of my washer open so that it couldn’t go any further into the cycle and then closed the lid the next morning.

When the cycle was completed, I went to sniff the inside of my washer – that sounds strange, doesn’t it?  I didn’t notice a huge difference immediately.  I had a pile of bed linens to do, so I threw them in with my regular detergent.

As I transferred them from the washer to the dryer, I noticed they smelled MUCH better than usual!  I could not wait to smell the linens after they got out of the dryer.  And, sure enough, they smelled wonderful as I pulled them from the warm dryer.  I wanted to go snuggle up to my blankets and take a nap!  It was like the product made my detergent and fabric softener work even better!

Smells are VERY important to my husband.  When feeling overwhelmed with the housework one day, I asked him, “If there is one part of the house that either really bothers you when it’s messy or really makes you feel great when it’s clean, what is it?  I’ll concentrate on that above all and get to the rest when I can.”  He replied, “Smells!  If it stinks, I hate it!”  You can’t even imagine his reaction when he smelled the freshly washed blankets.

(Disclaimer:  I received a free bottle of SmellyWasher in exchange for my honest opinion in review.)Smelly Washer

There are lots of other things you can do with Smelly Washer besides cleaning out your washing machine.  Creative people from all over have found amazing benefits in other areas of their chore list.  Simply mix 1 Tablespoon of Smelly Washer with a spray bottle full of hot water and attack any mold/mildew prone area in your house – tub and shower, cabinets under the sink in the bathroom and kitchen, near a water heater, by the A/C unit inside the house, around windows during seasons when lots of condensation builds up, and so many more.

Once that mold gets into your house, you’ll want to attack with everything you’ve got so that you can get rid of it for good – and before it becomes a major health hazard.

Now, I’m off to enjoy those fresh bed linens and towels!!
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