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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but just couldn't afford the one-on-one teaching with a guitar instructor? 


Or maybe one of your children has been bugging you forEVER about taking some lessons, but you didn't think you could fit one more "field trip" into your already full schedule?

Jean Welles has created a solution that will fit all your needs and your budget!  She packed those one-on-one guitar lessons into a DVD and accompanying instruction book and wrapped it up with a bow!  My oldest son checked over this product after we received the Volume One DVD and Book in exchange for our humble opinion.

From the back of the Volume One Book:

"You'll learn seven songs, a dozen chords and several strumming and finger-picking patterns. Easy step-by-step instruction. Simple enough to learn to play the guitar at home. Appropriate for the first-day beginner to the beginner/intermediate player. This is the first in a series of lessons geared towards developing those who want to 'play skillfully' (Psalm 33:3) and praise God in music.


Jean Welles earned her M.A. in Guitar Performance from the University of Southern CA. Jean has become well-known for her worship guitar classes. Her DVD series is currently used in hundreds of church in over 30 countries to train up new worshippers."

We do not currently have a guitar in our home and we don't really know anyone that has a spare guitar lying around that we could have borrowed for a time.  So, when we wanted to take a look at the DVD, we drove to our church and used the guitar there.  This hampered the number of times we were able to work with the information, but I think I have a pretty good impression of what you can expect from this course.

We brought our laptop with us and sat Justus down with the guitar and the DVD.  He has taken some piano lessons and is getting better and better at playing so he has a bit of a foundation.  It was more awkward for him to handle the guitar than he initially thought it would be and it took him a few minutes to get settled. 

Jean first goes through an introduction and then points out the parts of your guitar.  Once the actual lesson started, Justus started looking a little bewildered.  It took a while for him to switch gears from playing piano to playing guitar.  At first, he got very frustrated and wanted to quit – but I asked him to try just a little bit longer and he ended up feeling much better. 

Jean has a very soothing, gentle way about her that really makes a big difference in a situation like that.  Also, the backdrop that she uses for recording the videos is very simple yet warm and pleasing to the eye.

I think she teaches at a very smooth and slow pace for all students – she really seems to love what she is doing!  We did stop the video at each new chord and let him practice a few times before moving on.  At first, I just let him watch the video, guitar in hand, without paying attention to pausing it.  Once he got frustrated, I decided that I would have him only watch each new lesson first, without the guitar.  Then, he can pick up the instrument and watch for a bit, pause and practice and watch again.  This worked much better.

Here is a very nicely done video to get you aquainted with Jean and the Worship Guitar classes.

Check out the Jean Welles Worship Guitar website for lots more information!

Pricing is as follows:

$24.95 for each DVD

$99.80 for the DVD set (four DVDs) – comes with the $40 eBooks for free!

$29.97 Worship Guitar for Kids class

Just because I like a good deal and I like to crunch numbers, I looked up what the price for individual lessons would be.  The place I found offered 30 minute private lessons for $20 each.

The Jean Welles DVD that I received includes 7 classes and 7 practice sessions.  I watched a few, but not all, of the lessons and I would loosely approximate that each one is about 3 minutes long.  That means there is at least 147 minutes of instruction on this one DVD which is 4.9 half hour sessions or $98 total for that amount of time with a private instructor.  If you get the Jean Welles DVD instead, you would be saving about $73!!!  If you bought the set of four DVDs, you would be saving about $292!!!  Not to mention time and gas!  Now that's a great deal!

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