HomeGrownMommy Is Expanding!

Not the website, the woman behind the website!!

We're expecting baby #5 at the end of September! 

I have an awesome midwife team and everything has been wonderful so far.  Baby's heartbeat is good and strong.  Our ultrasound is in a few days and we can't wait to find out the tie-breaker gender!  We currently have two boys and two girls – all my kids are planning how cool it will be to have the baby in their room and have rearrangement plans already made!

I was really taken down by morning sickness (which was really all-day-long sickness) with this pregnancy.  That has finally subsided and it feels wonderful to have energy back again!

Other than that, everything has been *boringly normal* and we like it that way!

2 thoughts on “HomeGrownMommy Is Expanding!

  1. Congratulations on #5! We are due with #3 in June — tie-breaker as well… it’s another girl! Just came across your blog site and I’m loving it! We use ACE as well, moving into grade 2 in September. Loving it!

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