Baby #5 Update

Everything is still going well! We are 21 weeks as of yesterday … looking more like 31 weeks, though!

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and I was half-expecting the tech to say “It’s a boy!” Up to this point, we’ve had a baby pattern going – boy, girl, boy, girl. This one is pattern breaker – our newest little one is another girl!! So, that breaks the 2-girls and 2-boys tie in the girls favor! The boys were a little bummed but I know they will love her just the same.

I’ve had some pretty bad back pain over the last 3 weeks and my house sure was showing the signs of a mommy who couldn’t bend and could hardly move some days. But, it makes me so thankful to have children who are caring and helpful! My oldest son is 11 and there were at least a few days that he made breakfast and lunch in between his school work and helped with lots of extras along the way! Not to mention that a friend of mine came by today and cleaned my whole house from top to bottom! So glad for the friends and family that the Lord has sent my way!

2 thoughts on “Baby #5 Update

  1. Oh hooray! Glad things are coming along, though the back pain is never great. I had bad sciatic nerve stuff with the last two and practically lived on the couch. Try laying on your side, staying off your feet, and generally acting like a mom with no kids and house to take care of (yes, that was really my midwife’s advice…sigh, doesn’t work out well in real life when the oldest was 6 or 7 at the time). Oh, and drink lots of water (which, of course, will make you need to pee, but try not too stay on your feet after the bathroom trip…)

    Our 5th was the pattern breaker too. We had girl, boy, girl, boy and then boy. With this baby coming in Nov. the girls are really hoping for a sister to even it out…LOL. We’ve made it abundantly clear that God chooses the baby, not us. 😉

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