14 More Weeks Until Baby #5!!

I can hardly believe it has gone so fast and yet, I feel like there is another eternity to wait before I get to meet this new little addition!

Everything is going “boringly normal” with this pregnancy!  Now that the back pain seems to be a distant memory and that first trimester sickness is totally gone, I’m feeling great!  We’re actually getting back on schedule as a homeschooling family and that just adds to how well things are going.

The hot, hot summer is in full swing here in the South!  We’ll continue to embark on our school days until it gets a little cooler again.  Even the kids say it’s too hot to go outside!  So, we take in some fresh air and sunshine in the mornings and then hideout indoors while the sun bakes everything.

We’re so thankful for all that the Lord has given us!  We have healthy, beautiful children, an awesome church and church family, wonderful family and friends far away and closeby, a palace of a home to enjoy, and, best of all, Jesus knows our names!!  🙂

My husband and I were watching “Extreme Makeovers Home Edition” last night on hulu.com and were so incredibly moved at what these families have gone through.

In one family, the youngest boy was born with spina bifida and then the father was diagnosed with ALS.  They were drowning in medical bills while their house fell apart and became more and more of a challenge to get around in with their medical issues.  The “Extreme Makeover” crew came in, sent them on  a vacation, gave them a whole new home complete with all the newest high-tech tools they needed, paid off their medical bills, paid off their mortgage, secured college scholarships for their two children and just changed their lives from top to bottom.  (The whole community and many many large companies were involved to make all this happen for them.)

If I felt like complaining about ANYTHING before that show, I DID NOT complain about it after!!!  When you get to see what others are going through instead of focusing on your own trials, life seems so much … MORE!  More than the trials, more than the burdens.  Lots of people are going through lots of bad times and remembering that gives me a better perspective on my own life.

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