How To Save More Than You Spend!!

I’ve been posting on my personal Facebook lately about how much I’ve saved at the grocery store.  Just today, I paid $105 on $212 worth of groceries!

Many people have been asking, “How do you save so much money?”  and “What do I need to do to save like that?”  Instead of writing each person back one by one, I thought I would write an article about how I save!

Beware!  Once you get your first really awesome deal, you’ll be totally hooked – addicted, even!  I can’t WAIT for the beginning of the week when all the new emails come out of the best deals matched up with the best coupons!  You’ve been warned …

I have not learned this all on my own.  There are many, many very organized, very thrifty, very wonderful blogging ladies out there who have articles on this stuff.  You could spend hours gathering information about how to save money.  I’ll tell you what I’ve picked up, though I still have LOTS to learn.  Then, I’ll plug in the links to the places that I’ve been able to glean this fabulous information so you can visit these bloggers and sign up for their sites to get regular updates (after you sign up for my site, of course!! *insert cheesy smile and batting eyelashes*).


Newspaper – I get my Sunday paper on Tuesday morning at the local gas station for $0.75 each, regularly $1.50 each.  That’s the lowest I can get it – I tried really really hard to strike a better deal with the newspaper office, but they just wouldn’t do it.  So, that means some weeks I can get two papers and some weeks I can get six papers.  You may be able to call your local paper and get a better deal than that.  You’ll want several papers, but at least two for those Buy-One-Get-One deals.  I think TheThriftyCouple gets six papers delivered to them AND they get two or three papers from family!!  They save TONS of money!!

Email – As I mentioned above, there are many great bloggers out there who are looking over the weekly ads for stores like Walgreens, CVS, WalMart, etc and matching their sales up with any non-expired coupon that has come out over the last year!  (Seriously, I saw a coupon matchup the other day for a coupon that came out over six months ago!  She must be REALLY organized to have found that little gem!)  Go to their websites and sign up to get their updates sent to your feed reader or email every time they send something out.  Here’s some sites to get you started …

  • MoneySavingMom – this one really covers it all!  She has other bloggers matching up coupons for just about every store you could imagine and sends out emails for each store!
  • FiddleDeeDeeMom – I use this lady for Publix deals but she also does a few other stores.
  • CouponMom – another one that covers it all, but I personally don’t like the format as much.

Computer and Printer – Since you are reading this, I’m assuming you have access to a computer on somewhat of a regular basis.  Even if you have to make a weekly trip to the library or visit a very nice and willing friend, it would be totally worth it.  We’ve been very blessed in this area and have both in our home.  And, YES, it is definitely worth the ink and paper to print coupons from the internet!!!

Organization – Even with just two papers per week, you’ll have coupons coming out your ears before a month is over!  I have tried just about every method to organizing coupons and I still haven’t found something that I love in every way.  I’ve organized by expiration date, by food category and by the week that I get the coupon.  Each has pro’s and con’s – pick the one you think you’ll like the best and change it as you see fit.  Here are some articles just on coupon organization:

  • Making a Coupon Organizer System
  • Coupon Organizer Methods – there are links to two different articles within this one and the comments section is filled with useful info as well
  • Coupon Organization
  • More Coupon Organization Ideas – this is basically what I’m currently doing, but I’m not quite so *over-achiever* 🙂 about it!  This is nice because I don’t have to take the extra time to clip ALL the coupons in the insert (especially helpful on weeks when I get 6 papers!) or I don’t have the guilt hanging over my head when I don’t get clipping time!

Weekly Menu/Shopping List – I found that when I just looked for the awesomest (is that a real word?) deals, I actually ended up spending more money or money on things we didn’t really need.  There are still items I bought that are shoved in the back of the bathroom closet – not exactly money well spent!  If I make out my menu for the week, then make a list of food I need based on that menu and a list of other personal care items I actually need, I’ll first look for deals and coupons on those items.  If I still have room in the budget, I’ll add in some sweet deals on things that we’ll use but maybe don’t really need at that moment.  There is also something to be said for stockpiling things like toilet paper, paper towel, non-perishable foods you use regularly, etc.  You just have to figure out what works for your budget.  You can change your mind on the menu as you go along.  If I put down Hamburger Hash for Monday night, but WalMart has ribs on sale for less than $2 a pound (my personal goal in buying any meat), I’m totally going for the ribs!  YUMMY!  So, just be ready to be flexible on the menu if you see a really great deal on something else.

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2 thoughts on “How To Save More Than You Spend!!

  1. That’s about exactly how I shop, although I try to have everything ready (coupons and grocery list) before the day I go shopping, because it does take such a long time to put together. So far I just match up coupons with Safeway ads and save more there than if I just went to Walmart. I haven’t tried Walgreens yet, but I should because I know you can get things for free there.

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