FREE Color or Black and White Copies!!

I just came across this site and wanted to share!  Aside from the special BestValueCopy is running right now for free prints, they have awesome pricing for color copies – not even sure you could do it at home for NINE CENTS a copy, not including shipping.  (Now that I said that, the data-geek in me just has to work out the numbers!!)

Data Geek Calculations

I have an HP printer which takes HP95 color and HP98 black and white ink cartridges.  The color cartridge sells for $28.99 on the HP website.  WalMart has it for the same price online.  HP says the cartridge will yield 330 color copies, approximately.

$29 / 330 copies = $0.087 per page

The ream of computer I buy is about $3 for 500 sheets of paper.

$3 / 500 – $0.006 per page

$0.006 + $0.087 = $0.093

So, before shipping, it costs the same amount to print it in full color at home versus having a professional shop print your copies with their top-notch machines!  And, that’s not including the free copies you can get!

Free Stuff

Here is how to get 200 free black and white copies or 50 free color copies (taken from their site):

SPECIAL OFFER 1 per customer.  For 200 FREE B/W copies – Use code FBWC1 or 50 FREE Color Copies – Use code FCOC1

Not sure how long this special will be in effect, so get it while you can!

2 thoughts on “FREE Color or Black and White Copies!!

  1. Hey, I have been looking for a site that would handle my copying needs (I am looking to produce a good amount of color copies for my new business) and came across the same site. I link to this specific Best Value site because in their “How We Do It” section (follow the link), they make no mention of this deal. Can anyone confirm such a deal or if it perhaps expired? There are other options out there, but this seems like a reputable site. Thanks for all your help in advance!!

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