Carnival of Homeschooling is Ready!

Carnival of Homeschooling hosted by HomeGrownMommyI always get such great input when going through the Carnival of Homeschooling – and even more so when I have the priviledge of hosting the Carnival!

Read on to add some more wonderful tools to your pile!

Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home presents “The 15 Minute Cleaning Helper” – An article full of ideas to get even the most reluctant child to help with chores around the house.
Nebby at Letters From Nebby presents “Deciding to Homeschool (or Not)” – With the new school year approaching, there are always new people considering homeschooling. These are my thoughts on the many reasons to homeschool.
Notes From A Homeschooled Mom presents “Don’t Toss Those Homeschool Papers Just Yet” – Gives several examples of how students already admitted to college had to dig back into old homeschool records for further information.
(One thought I had after reading the above article is that it would be very good to consult the Home School Legal Defense Association to make sure what the University is asking for is necessary and legal before complying, whether you have kept records for all those years or not.)
Our Curious Home presents “M’s Math At Breakfast” – My son was trying to figure out some fractions in his head while I was trying to get us all fed and out the door to Sunday School. However, the math stuff is stored in the kitchen, so we were able to find the manipulatives and eat breakfast all at the same time (and take pictures, I wrote it up later.)
Katherine at No Fighting No Biting! presents “Reason #567” – A conversation with a local high school graduate makes me glad we homeschool.
Cari at Herding Hobbits presents “Out In The World!” – My two public schoolers are on holidays, so this is a wrap up of what we got up to over the last week! I feel that they miss out on a lot by choosing to stay in traditional school (but they do love it!) so we shared with them some of what we do while they are in class. THIS is what my ideal life with my boys would be like 🙂 Us, exploring the great place we live in. There is no end of fun things to do, that inspire all sorts of learning, that often doesn’t look much like what we think of as learning!
Christa at Mother of Discussion presents “Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum and Supplies” – This post lists 7 ways I’ve saved money on homeschooling curriculum and supplies.
Barbara at Barbara Frank Online presents “Helping Our Kids Find a Career” – How can you help your homeschooled child choose a career?
Harvest Moon By Hand presents “10 Highlights from Our Trip to South Dakota and Minnesota” – We have been using the Cantering the Country curriculum this past year. This spring we studied about the midwestern states. In June, we explored southwestern Minnesota and southeastern South Dakota. Both areas had lots of learning opportunities – planned and unexpected. This post highlights ten of the favorite activities we did.
Denise at Blogging 2 Learn presents “New Fantasy Fiction Book by 13yo Homeschooler” – My 13-year-old daughter just released her first book on Kindle: Banished (The Riddled Stone, Book One).
Shannon at A Little Adrift: Traveling the World presents “A Little Disturbing…No Officials Ask for My Minor’s Travel Documents” – I homeschooled my niece from Thailand this past school year and was surprised by how easy it is to leave the country with a minor. Thought it would be helpful for other homeschooling moms to consider!
Ann at Harvest Moon By Hand presents “How To Dissect an Owl Pellet” – After learning about owls that live in Minnesota, my daughters and I each were able to dissect an owl pellet. We were all surprised at what was in each one.
Victoria at Den School presents “Science Learning Made Fun” – I remember searching for science experiment ideas as a child being a total nightmare. With the help of media sources like YouTube and Pinterest, fun science experiments are easier than ever to explore!
Thank you everyone for submitting your posts and for stopping by the best Carnival of Homeschooling!  You can check out the Archive of past carnivals for even more awesome information.  Don’t forget to support the host for next week, WhyHomeschool, the wonderful creator and faciliator of this great carnival!

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  1. Fabulous resources! I wanted also to mention ways to use computer game learning as an adjunct to the curriculum, sites like or my own,

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