Accelerated Christian Education – A Good Change

We have loved our time with Accelerated Christian Education!  We started using it when my oldest son was seven years old – he is now 13!  (The teen years are upon us – pray for us!!)

About two years ago, we made a necessary change in our homeschooling method – we moved away from using ACE.  🙁

It was a very hard decision for all of us and one that we took many many weeks to pray about and talk with other trusted counselors about.  In the end, it was the right decision for our family.

One of the main reasons we made the shift is because of the growing size of our family.  🙂  Definitely a wonderful reason to make the change!  At the time, baby #5 was on her way and I was getting a little stressed when thinking about how we had things structured at that time.  I was taking care of correcting all of his work instead of having him go to the answer key to correct it himself.  Because we are educating at home, we have that flexibility and we just felt that this was a better way for him to learn from his mistakes.

But, it also meant I had quite a large amount of correcting to do each day.  If I got behind, ugh!  With morning sickness and nursing and all that goes with taking care of four other children outside of my ACE student, I was getting behind regularly.

We made the move to a curriculum that is based on the computer and does much (but not all) of the correcting automatically.  I plan to do some reviews of Switched-On Schoolhouse here at HomeGrownMommy very soon.

Change is good!  And, we are all adjusting to the new way of doing things and the new little people in our family!  I still recommend ACE to many of the moms who ask me for homeschooling advice – it is a wonderful curriculum with many strengths.

If you would like to order ACE for your family, you would be supporting our family by doing so through this link! (Or, any of the other times you click on the words “Accelerated Christian Education” or “ACE” on my site!)

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