Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (Tin Foil Curlers)


I absolutely LOVE to try out new hair-do’s with my girls!  With three girls, you can’t imagine how long it takes us to get ready to go anywhere!  But, they always look cute, even if we show up 30 minutes late!  🙂

So, when I saw this way of getting curly hair, I was excited to try it and my oldest daughter said she thought it was worth trying.

UGH!  It took FOREVER!  Much more time involved than simply putting the hair in rollers or braids over-night.  But, the other kiddos were sleeping so the time involved wasn’t the main issue.  The curls really didn’t look nice at all.  I tried rolling them several ways and testing the strands to see how it looked, but I just couldn’t get it right.

Oh well!  Live and learn!  We had a good time together while I rolled and foiled and heated and at least we can say we actually DID one of the things we saw on Pinterest!!  Lol!

I am going to try this technique, though!  Maybe I will just wrap one piece of hair and let it be over-night before committing to the whole head.  😉

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