How To Know How Well Your Child Is Reading

Every once in a while, we have to stand back and take a look at the whole picture of learning in our home.  We’re doing that right now in our house and we are having lots of fun learning about many different methods and theories of learning.

One question that came up is, “How well, exactly, are the kids reading?  What kind of literature can we realistically give them?”

So, I sought out a few online sources to help determine that and I thought I would share them here as a few more tools you can put in your homeschool arsenal!

reading level assessmentReading Level

Free Reading Level Assessment Test.  Kids just read through a list of random words and once they hit a point where they are making mistakes on every word (5 or 6 in a row), that’s where they stop.  Easy and quick!

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Worksheets. You can print these off or just administer the test right from the computer. Each test includes a short story and about 5 questions afterward to test comprehension.  My favorite part is that the worksheets are divided up by grade level – so I took the reading level at which my kids are reading and started in that grade with the comprehension worksheets.

reading speed testReading Speed

Free Reading Speed Test.  This assessment is also separated out into grade levels.  I wanted to go through several tests with the kids in order to get an average reading speed, instead of just taking one number as the right one.  This site has many different stories for the child to read within each level.  Very helpful tool!

After about 30 minutes with each child that can read, I really feel like I have a good idea of exactly where their reading skills are!  Now, we can go about grabbing reading materials for them that are just a little above their level and help them to keep stretching!

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