Thanksgiving Challenge Days Four thru Seven

I’ve been so busy posting these thankful pieces on Facebook, I haven’t made it back here to post them on the blog!!

I would love to have you guys add in your gratefulness by either just leaving a comment or linking your blog post here!


Thanksgiving Challenge Day Four!

I am thankful for my oldest daughter, #2! She is such a blessing to us each day!

She loves to take care of her younger siblings and help around the house. She is an avid reader and so very very smart!

I am thankful for her tender heart and her sweet spirit!

Thanksgiving Challenge Day Five!

I am thankful for my sweet little boy, #3! He is all-boy among some of the girly-est girls I’ve ever seen and he loves being their protector!

I am so thankful for his sweet spirit and tender heart!

One of my favorite memories of his is when we go hiking – sometimes we come upon some pretty rocky terrain on the bluffs in Wisconsin. Caleb can always be seen running bravely but then he turns around and waits for the closest sister to make sure she is okay over the rocks and such. Elia is always calling for him to help her and he happily comes back and takes her by the hand.

Too precious!

Thanksgiving Challenge Day Six!

I bet you know who’s next!

#4 has been my craziest baby so far! She is our miracle breech baby birthed naturally thanks to Dr. Tsinker in Plantation, FL. (Birth story at bottom for those who haven’t already heard.)

She has such an upbeat personality and keeps us all giggling no matter what kind of day it has been. I just love her bubbly happiness and her instant drama – all of it makes her the special little girl that she is.I am so thankful I get to be momma to this little angel!

Thanksgiving Challenge Day Seven!

#5! I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to add her to our little crew!

She’s the one every calls the smiley one and she has such a funny little way about her. She loves to follow her bigger siblings and do everything they do – and no one seems to mind at all!

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