How To Keep Your God-Given Desires Alive

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Sometimes, you really have to dig into life to get what you want! Once you’ve decided on something, don’t ever let “NO” be an answer!

Psalm 37:4  “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

What are the desires of your heart with you homeschooling journey? Trust the Lord that He is giving them to you – maybe not in the way or the timing you were expecting, but He is faithful.Write down your goals! Post them and read them every single day – it will help keep you focused when days are tough.

When we first decide to homeschool or we first start to imagine what homeschooling will be like, it is easy to be excited! It’s easy to head into life each day with a good attitude.

Then, things start to get familiar instead of exciting. That new workbook has some torn corners and writing on the cover from the little ones. One of the kids said, “I don’t wanna do this!” And, you start to feel, little by little, a weight come down on your shoulders.

It reminds me of something that happened yesterday. I was talking someone that wanted to play football in high school – he is just entering 9th grade in the public school. Knowing that football practice starts sometime in the summer, I had been checking in with him to see if he signed up yet. Yesterday when I checked in, I got some excuses – I think the video games were calling a little too loudly! 🙂

{It’s easy, even with the most compelling desire, to allow yourself to do what’s easy. Any desire or goal will have some hurdles to overcome – don’t let that stop you!}

The first excuse was that he would call and only get voicemail. But, on the voicemail, they left an alternate number to call for the office. I called that number and got all the necessary information in a matter of minutes.

{Sometimes, our excuses for *not doing* are so easy to knock down – just one step in the right direction and you’re 5 miles down the road already!}

There were a few other excuses like, “I’m not *beefed up* enough for football” and “But I should probably make some friends at the school first” or “It going to cost too much”. Every excuse, I was able to reason with him as to why that should not be a factor to stop him from doing something he was excited about doing.

There was also some negativity coming from another person in his life who was also allowing the smallest reason to stop the flow of desire!

{Don’t let the nay-sayers tear down your confidence! If you have prayed and you know this is where God wants you, keep going! Hold that God-given desire in front of your face and keep on moving!}

I was glad that I was able to show this boy that no excuse is too big to allow our dreams to be deflated. Whether it’s playing football, the decision to homeschool, a certain way of doing school, a home business you want to start, any number of dreams and desires that you might have – those are important! Important enough to plow down any obstacle that gets in your way!!

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