currclick saleOkay! You’ve been waiting patiently for days! And, you get to hear it here first!

CurrClick is having a …


Yes, you heard that right!

From CurrClick,

“On Friday morning, around 10:00 a.m. CST, CurrClick will be having a “Pay What You Want” event. Through the weekend and ending on July 29th, homeschoolers can shop over 4,000 titles from top homeschool publshers and you guessed it: Pay whatever they want for the items they select. No other homeschool curriculum site has done anything like this before. We are very excited! Many thanks to our wonderful publishers for their participation in this groundbreaking sales event.*This event does not include live classes. Happy Schooing! The CurrClick Staff”

Hurry up and get on over there!

Pick what you want. Pay what you want. It’s the best sale. Ever.

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