How To Enjoy Your Children

It’s that advice you always get, especially from those who have children that are already grown. And, it is definitely good advice.

But, I always had a hard time figuring out how to really do that in day to day practice. In my mind, when I saw myself enjoying my children, I was sitting down playing with them, talking to them, pushing them on a swing, being completely and totally present and only focused on them.

{Can you tell I’m an all-or-nothing sorta gal?!}

So, yesterday I met a man who just dropped his son off at the university for his first year of college. He looked at me after finding out that I have six kids and, in the most serious and somber tone, he said, “Oh, please enjoy the heck out of your kids while they are small. It goes so fast.”

And, I found myself in that place again. Envisioning this out of touch event where I would finally have everything caught up so that I could just sit down and enjoy the heck out of my kids. It’s almost a scary feeling, like, really? how am I really ever going to pull that off for more than a little bit here and there?

Today, as I was cleaning up our house {when, exactly, did this tornado rip through? I’m sure I never saw any warnings on the weather?} I was contemplating that idea – enjoy your kids while they are young, they grow up so fast.

And, then, it occurred to me – I can enjoy my kids while doing all the stuff!

OK – so it isn’t exactly a major revelation, complete with an out of body experience.

But, it impacted me. When they say, enjoy your kids, what they really mean is to connect with them in the everyday-ness of life. Be fully present, mind and body. Say yes as often as parentally possible.

BeĀ  on purpose. You will be amazed at how much more you remember and how much more you enjoy your children!

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