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ANOTHER success story with Talking To Toddlers!

This one is with the potty-trained three-year-old again. I am definitely glad I have learned these techniques to use with her – out of six children, she has certainly been the only with the most will power! With Talking To Toddlers, I don’t have to argue or get upset or yell. {Well, I guess I wouldn’t HAVE to get upset or yell even without T2T, but this makes it much easier to know what to do instead!}

Me: “Okay, honey! Time to go to the bathroom!”
Her: “But I want to help big brother with the toast.”
Me: “Oh. You want to help big brother make toast? Is that right?” (Mirroring her question to enter her world – so she knows I understand what she needs.)
Her: “Uh-huh!”
Me: “Would you like to help big brother cook the toast or butter the toast after you go potty?” (Double Bind)
Her: “Um, butter the toast after I go potty!”

And, off to the bathroom she went!! Hurray! With this particular child, this situation could easily have escalated into a meltdown if I had not used the double bind.

What situations would you like to turn from potential meltdown to smooth and easy?

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