The Carnival of Homeschooling is Ready for your viewing pleasure!

Welcome to the December 17, 2013 edition of Carnival of Homeschooling! Every time I host the Carnival, I think I say the same thing – but, this week’s submissions are absolutely NOT to be missed! Pass them on to your friends!

And, without further ado …

First, Henry Cate (creator and fearless leader of Carnival of Homeschooling!) writes about their homeschool band in Christmas In The Park from Why Homeschool.

Chris Shaw from Homeschool Vs Public School challenges us to think about how we treat those that celebrate the holidays differently than we do in Celebrating the Season.

Jamie Gaddy from Let’s Homeschool High School writes Homeschoolers and the PSAT to give us a great resource to help understand the PSAT for high schoolers.

Karen from Homeschool Atheist Momma writes How to Homeschool saying “Just a little support for newbie homeschoolers!” If you have any fear about homeschooling, this will be a very comforting article. She also gives us some great resources that have helped her use the unschool-style with her high schoolers in the article Unschooling And High School Can Work!

From the blog Journey and Destination, we get a wonderful review of Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax, with a bonus link to some freebies!

Christine from The Thinking Mother writes Unschooling Results for Younger Son. It seems she is not getting the results she had hoped for with unschooling and is working through those feelings.

Janice Campbell presents Alternatives to Writing a Literary Analysis posted at Janice Campbell-Taking Time for Things That Matter, saying, “Essay writing is not the only tool for studying literature. Students can benefit from the occasional opportunity to approach the great books in a fresh way, so here are a few alternatives to writing a literary analysis.”

Peta-Gaye Reid presents The DEADLY Truth About Your Child’s Future posted at Math Is Super Cool. Peta shares some absolutely shocking statistics and stories about high school dropouts – but the solution shared in the accompanying video is wonderful. If you know anyone struggling with algebra, please share this video with them!

Kelli Miller presents Elf Reading Christmas Printable Flash Cards posted at 3 Boys And A Dog. These flash cards are very cute and will go along with any type of holiday themed lessons!

Denise presents 2013 Advent Math from Nrich posted at Let’s Play Math! saying, “Your children can play with math every day until Christmas!”

Kim Bennett from A Child’s Garden presents On A Snowy Evening saying, “We are taking some time during our snowy weather to make some poetry workbooks for next year, and to share some beautiful woolen gifts, fresh from the farm.”

That concludes this edition! I hope you enjoying it and learned something or was encouraged along the way!

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