How To Feel So Much Better About Your Parenting Skills

how to feel so much better about your parenting skills

You are doing a good job, Momma! But, I know, some days, you really don’t feel like you’re doing so hot.

Sometimes, the only difference between how we want to be and how we really are is how we feel about it.

If you ask anyone around, they would probably say that you are a great mom. A great wife. A great member. A great friend. A great sister.

So, on those days when you aren’t feeling it, you want get to that point where you feel so. much. better.


Four Simple Steps

 Know it. Believe it. 
That’s the first step in becoming the mom you want to be. Believe it first. You can read hundreds of parenting books and pray for God’s wisdom every waking moment – but, if you never take on that identity, if you never believe it can really happen for you, if you never begin to live it out, all that time and effort would be in vain.
 Speak it. 
Your words matter. Think of them as little seeds that you sow and will grow, bearing much fruit. Are you planting complaint seeds about that time you yelled or when you forgot a special day? Are you constantly talking about how you messed up each day? Are you proclaiming how you’ll never get it right? What kind of fruit do you think will be falling from the trees planted by those words?
Ask about it.
Ask the people around you, the ones who see who you really are on those days with no makeup and the mommy-ponytail hairdo. I dare you to ask your kids what kid of mom they think you are! Check out this video of some moms and kids who were in that exact position.
Rehearse it. 
{re} + {hear} it. Self-talk is a good thing! Say all those good things to your self again at the end of the day. Every night, before you fall asleep, think about or journal the answers to these three questions – what did i do right? what could i have done better? what am i thankful for? If you go to sleep with those kind of thoughts running through your mind, you can’t help but see improvements in your parenting skills.

When you first start implementing these ideas, it will feel weird. Really weird.

These are not things that we are normally taught to do. When we think about doing better as a parent, we think about the latest parenting book or Bible study about parenting or some other technique that some doctor told us would solve all our problems.

But, I promise – you will feel so much better.

I can make that promise because I’ve traveled this road. I started out telling everyone around me what an awful mom I am and how I am certainly messing up my kids’ futures a little bit each day. Now, I can smile and accept a complement when someone says what great kids I have and how I am doing such a great job.

Of course, I want God to get all the glory in my life, so I make sure to tell them that He has done it all through me and given me such wonderful children.

There are days that don’t feel so great still. But, it’s much much better than when I started the day out automatically assumed that I was going to mess up.

Believe in yourself, Momma! God sure does!

Do you have any rituals that you use to help yourself feel better after a particularly challenging day of parenting? Share please!

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how to feel so much better about your parenting skills how to feel so much better about your parenting skills how to feel so much better about your parenting skills
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9 thoughts on “How To Feel So Much Better About Your Parenting Skills

  1. Our focus sure does make a difference, that’s something I have to fight all the time! It is good to be aware that in non-biblical lines there are beliefs of ‘magic thinking’, where if you just believe something enough it will come true (think Cinderella). Our culture is very steeped in this thinking. I think with the culture we come from, it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re not good mama’s just because we believe we are, but that we can be good mama’s because we can do all things through Christ, and God can take those moments where I am really not a good mama and cover them with grace. Motherhood is such a challenge and a blessing!

    1. Focusing on the good that we are doing rather than the mess ups along the way! 🙂 The kids and I have a little *thing* that we do when they get off-focus from their schoolwork – they usually see me coming when they are daydreaming. Our eyes connect, they say with a smile “Focus! Focus! Focus!” in rapid succession. We share a little giggle and they get back to work – wish it was that easy for a mama!!

      Certainly, there are facets of what you mentioned as Cinderella-thinking that go too far and lose sight of what the Bible tells us. But, I do see the Bible telling us that our thoughts our so very important. You really do become what you think about! Proverbs 23:7a While Mark 11:22-24 tells us to speak and we shall have – those thoughts come first before we can speak it. Of course, there are many other verses.

      And, on those days when my thoughts don’t line up where I want them to, praise Him for His wonderful grace, as you mentioned!!

  2. What a great post! I love it! It’s the perfect way to feel better about yourself and your role as a mother. I once wrote a post about how to be happier as a SAHM, and it was mainly by valuing your role as a mother. These tips would go great with that!

    Thanks for linking up to the HDYDI party!

  3. Not focusing on our mistakes (and even laughing them off) makes the day to day so much easier. And really, for every time we mess up and get frustrated over spilt milk, we’ve probably read 10 Curious George stories, right? 🙂

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