Sometimes, It’s Okay To Turn Back

homegrownmommy sometimes its okay to turn backTurning back? Isn’t that like giving up, being a quitter, not having enough faith? Surely turning back is never ever the right choice!

Or, isn’t it?

Today is my first day home alone with the kiddos. My husband has worked from home for the last three years – always someone around to talk to, always someone there to help with the kids, always a team member to pick up the slack.

We were committed to keeping him home and growing our income streams to support our family unit. We worked on it. We prayed.We worked some more.

Then, last week, we looked at each other and knew we had to turn back. He took a great job with a great company who truly appreciates him and his talent. Sighs of relief have been frequent. We feel less burdened.

Initially, I wondered if we were being quitters. Were we losing our faith? Was our success just around the next corner if only we persevered? Are we giving up on our dreams?

Then, I reflected on the other things we’ve “turned back” on …

  • Kids outside the home – to homeschooling – to public school (When my oldest son was little, I was a single mom and he went to daycare while I worked. When my husband and I married, we began the homeschooling journey. Then, my son wanted to try out the public school experience while living with his dad – he is doing well.)
  • Staying put – to moving – to staying put (We’ve moved quite a bit over the years. I thought we were going to stay in Florida forever when we moved. Then, we came back to Wisconsin. We were going to move closer to church – now, we are going to stay where were are because it’s a good middle between hubby’s work and church.)
  • Open dress code – to only skirts – to an open dress code (I grew up wearing whatever – within reason, of course! Then, I made the decision to wear only skirts. Recently, I realized I was doing that as an outward sign of my own righteousness. Jesus is my only righteousness!)

What are you struggling with today? Have you made a decision that is causing some unrest and you are wondering if you should go back and make a different choice?

Certainly, this is different for each person and for each situation. I don’t want everyone to start giving up on those hard-to-live-with husbands or the difficult homeschool year or that really challenging conviction!

But, just know that, sometimes, it’s okay. Sometimes, you have to travel down the road a piece before you realize it’s not the right path. God works all things together for good and He’s watching over you!


One thought on “Sometimes, It’s Okay To Turn Back

  1. We don’t call it turning back :D. As parents, we are learning too, and part of that is trying new things, making mistakes, or just making adjustments as our needs and interests change.

    We’ve stopped doing the ‘no television’ thing, and we choose shows to watch together. I’m a ‘skirts only’ gal, but when my daughter played outside, she wore pants, and now that she’s 15, she has been choosing clothes for herself within our guidelines modesty. Instead of becoming more strict as our kids became teens, we gave them more freedom, with the understanding that we would trust them until they gave us a reason not to.

    I think it’s important to discuss changes with our kids so that they know it’s OK to alter one’s course without feeling like it’s failure to make a U-Turn.

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