The Only Ballerina Without a Princess Dress – And It’s Okay


My 6 year old daughter has been obsessed with ballet for years now. Whether she is sitting, standing, going hiking or washing the dishes, she can figure out some way to relate the activity to ballet – it’s uncanny!

The day after she turned 6, we were able to enroll her in a two-day ballet camp that had a Princess theme. The dancers were encouraged to bring their princess dress-up dresses to wear during some of the time. Our little Ballerina brought hers but didn’t want it on right away.

As the other little ones starting showing up for the camp, I noticed that most were already wearing their dresses over their leotards. I asked my ballerina if she wanted hers on and she cheerfully said, “No thanks!”

Maybe there was some other explanation.

Maybe she didn’t really like her dress and didn’t want to wear it in front of the rest of the dancers. Nope. I asked her and that wasn’t the case. She did eventually put it on when the teacher asked them to and felt fine about it.

Dancer after dancer showed up with a princess dress on and still, she was totally fine without one on. As the class started and I made my way out the door {first time I have left her like that!}, she still was perfectly comfortable being the only ballerina without a princess dress on.HomeGrownMommy

Now, maybe some of you have always been confident in your own skin and so this story won’t sound so amazing.

For me, that is not the case. The fact that she could be the only one without something is shocking to me. Being the only one with something cool – that I can see! 🙂 But, as I watched the action unfold, I was just in awe of her confidence in herself.

I took it as confirmation that what we’ve been doing over these years with her and the other children in regard to parenting and homeschooling is working! She is very well socialized – she folded right in with the other dancers perfectly and made several friends the first day. But, she also has her own presence within the group. She doesn’t absolutely have to be doing everything they are doing.

I know she’s only 6 and we have a long way ahead, but I am so excited with the start she’s getting.

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