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On August 7, 2014
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Fresh beautiful flowers delivered to your door! And they last a long time!

homegrownmommy review  homegrownmommy review
Flowers? For ME? I don’t mind if I do!When The Bouqs Company asked me if I would review their service on HomeGrownMommy, I didn’t think twice – although, I did think it was too good to be true at first!The process was super easy. Logon to the website at TheBouqs.comand click on Shop at the top.So many gorgeous bouquets! I really liked that they had some unique color combinations and types of flowers.When you’ve picked the one you want, just click Send and fill in your information. You can even send it with a special note to someone else, choose a particular reason for sending or  make it anonymous.When my flowers arrived, they were packaged with extreme care and protection. You can be sure that your flowers will always get to you in perfect condition.

Right after I received the flowers, I cut down the stems and pulled off much of the foliage. {Real flowers have real thorns! Ouch! Wear gloves.} I added some of the little packet of cut-flower food and arranged the flowers in my *vase*.

This review has caused me to realize that I have no vases. How can that be?? We’ve moved A. LOT. over the last two years and I have purged so much of our stuff during that time – apparently, flower vases did not make the cut at some point.

I received the flowers on Tuesday and my daughter’s Ballerina Party was coming up on Saturday. The true test for me was to see whether or not the bouquet from The Bouqs would last until then.

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers
Well, I am so happy to say that, not only did every single flower survive, but they all still looked so fresh! These poor flowers suffered a bit even. My daughter accidentally dumped them over and the water spilled. I thought she put more water in, she thought I put more water in. So, the flowers sat all afternoon and over-night without water. I was worried when I found out in the morning. Not to mention that all my children just had to touch these beautiful creations about every time they walked by – so silky, so pretty!

And, then, during the party, they were dumped again and no one put water in them. They still looked great the next day! Amazing!

I would definitely use The Bouqs again for a special delivery or just to freshen up the kitchen table!

Fresh beautiful flowers delivered to your door! And they last a long time!

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