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What is HomeGrownMommy?

HomeGrownMommy.com is a blog website aimed at those interested in life! Especially life over the age of 40. (Yes, life does go on after 40.) I discuss topics like natural beauty how to’s and product reviews, happy marriage, parenting and raising kids while homeschooling, and my weight loss journey.

Content is continually being added so you will find something new to read about each time you visit.  You will find articles about:

  • Makeup Tutorials with Natural and Organic Makeup
  • Curriculum and Book Reviews
  • How to Be Happily Married During Financial Crisis
  • Grocery Savings
  • Easy Workouts
  • … and much more.

Who is HomeGrownMommy?

HomeGrownMommy is run by a girl named Jen. She has a crew of kids (6 to be exact) and a fabulous husband. When she’s not figuring out the next homeschooling lesson or talking about her favorite Lemongrass Spa Products, you’ll find her here, writing about it all.

Contact via email hgm@homegrownmommy.com.

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  1. Hi! I currently live in Alabama but may possibly be moving to Deland, FL in the next month! HELP! I have a 7 yr old in 1st grade and a 4 yr old. Do you guys have CoOps who keep records? How is your homeschool law there?

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