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I Got the Liebster Award!

homegrownmommy liebster awardBut, what IS the Liebster Award?

It’s a great way for you to find new blogs that are just starting up or have a small following. It’s also a really nice opportunity for bloggers to meet each other!

And, since I know a really good-looking German guy (don’t tell him, but I have a big-time crush on him), I get exposed to lots of German words. Liebster means something along the lines of love or dear one. For instance, Ich Liebe Dich mean I Love You.

I was nominated by Wild Redhead Homestead! Thank you! (Head on over there and take a peek at the answers to her questions.)

Rules of the Liebster Award

Include your answers to the questions you were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
Choose 5-10 blogs (with less than 200 followers) and link to them in your post.
Go to their page and let them know!
No tag backs

Here are the questions posed to me and my answers:

  • What is the last movie to make you cry? This one is totally hilarious to me because, seriously, practically EVERY movie makes me cry! We usually do an at-home Family Movie Night on Fridays so we do take in movies regularly. The last one was Click with Adam Sandler. This wasn’t just crying – I was sobbing!! Partly because I was totally not expecting to cry at an Adam Sandler movie, for crying out loud! and partly because the lesson of it all is just. so. true.
  • What was your last online purchase? Do you love it? The last thing I bought online was my roses from The Bouqs! They were gorgeous and I totally loved them! Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers?! lol!
  • What is your dream job? Honestly, I love being at home with my kids and also working from home on this blog. My favorite thing to do is help other moms feel better about their success as a mom no matter hats they wear in the process. I’ve always been a writer – Creative Writing was one of my favorite units in grade school and English was so fun in high school. Blogging takes both of those ideas and combines them into a job that helps me support our family.
  • What is your favorite food? I wrestle between anything with chocolate {especially chocolate and peanut butter} and a salad with every topping imaginable (HomeTown Buffet has the best anywhere).
  • Where would you love to go on vacation if you could choose anywhere? Germany, without a doubt! All of my in-laws are there and I MISS them terribly! But, I love to go places so my travel bucket list is quite long – beautiful places like Rome and Paris, historic places like Gettysburg and Washington DC, exotic places like Malta and Egypt, crazy busy places like London and New York, quiet places like The Biltmore in Asheville, NC and the Scotland country side.
  • Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like to meet? Well, the first person that comes to mind is Jesus, but since I’m certain I’ll be meeting Him one day, I would have to say … hmmmm, there are SO many … George Washington (thank you, sir!) … Mother Teresa (how did you do it?) … Jonah (really? what were you thinking?) … the family that used to live in that decades old farmhouse out in the country (what was it like?) … Georgia O’Keefe (where did the inspiration come from?) … my grandmother’s mother (tell me about it all) … the list could be endless!
  • What reality show would you like to be in? Ugh! None! I’m not a big fan of reality shows and I definitely wouldn’t want to live this crazy life for all the world to see.
  • What is your favorite thing to blog about? My kids and our adventures!
  • What is your favorite book? You guys are going to think I’m crazy with all these list-long answers! I LOVE books and I’ve always been an avid reader. I can still remember devouring my first book about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – it was HUGE and I did hardly anything else for at least a week! Same with Jane Eyre – magnificent! I love spiritual books that help me in my walk – right now I’m reading “Power Thoughts” by Joyce Meyer and it is phenomonal! My husband just laughs when I get home from the library with my kids – we usually get between 50 to 100 books each time!
  • What is the most dangerous thing you have done? Most people would tell you that is was having a frank-breech baby naturally but I would say I’ve never really done anything dangerous. (Well, except for those couple of things way back in my 20’s, but it would have to be very special circumstances before I would share that information!)
  • What are a few good tips for new bloggers? Only one … BE CONSISTENT! That will carry you through any other advice or tips I could possibly give you. That’s one blogging lesson I have gotten loud and clear, not because I’ve done it, but because I’ve watched others do it and have tremendous success. I’ve just joined a group of magnificent bloggers who are challenging each other to make their blogs better and I plan to learn this lesson by experience!!

To the Liebster Award, I hereby nominate …

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Bloggers, your questions … (credit for the questions goes to Ashley Denton where he has 165 conversation starters!!)

  • What do you think are some of the pluses and minuses of social media?
  • Who taught you how to drive a car?
  • If you were to receive a text message right now, what would you want it to say?
  • What was your best year in school & why?
  • Have you ever invented anything?
  • Name two people (living) you’d love to follow around for a few days & why.
  • What have you done for your last two vacations?
  • Recall articles of clothing that were your favorites at one time or another.
  • Name two things you love to do. When was the last time you did them?
  • If I said there was a long distance phone call for you, who would you like it to be & why.
  • If I was to give you a large package, what would you hope was in it?Bonus Question (because there were so many good ones and I couldn’t decide!)
  • If you had $500, what would you do with it?

This was definitely lots of fun!!! Make sure you follow all the links and start discovering some awesome new bloggers!

Baby #5 Update

Everything is still going well! We are 21 weeks as of yesterday … looking more like 31 weeks, though!

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and I was half-expecting the tech to say “It’s a boy!” Up to this point, we’ve had a baby pattern going – boy, girl, boy, girl. This one is pattern breaker – our newest little one is another girl!! So, that breaks the 2-girls and 2-boys tie in the girls favor! The boys were a little bummed but I know they will love her just the same.

I’ve had some pretty bad back pain over the last 3 weeks and my house sure was showing the signs of a mommy who couldn’t bend and could hardly move some days. But, it makes me so thankful to have children who are caring and helpful! My oldest son is 11 and there were at least a few days that he made breakfast and lunch in between his school work and helped with lots of extras along the way! Not to mention that a friend of mine came by today and cleaned my whole house from top to bottom! So glad for the friends and family that the Lord has sent my way!

HomeGrownMommy Is Expanding!

Not the website, the woman behind the website!!

We're expecting baby #5 at the end of September! 

I have an awesome midwife team and everything has been wonderful so far.  Baby's heartbeat is good and strong.  Our ultrasound is in a few days and we can't wait to find out the tie-breaker gender!  We currently have two boys and two girls – all my kids are planning how cool it will be to have the baby in their room and have rearrangement plans already made!

I was really taken down by morning sickness (which was really all-day-long sickness) with this pregnancy.  That has finally subsided and it feels wonderful to have energy back again!

Other than that, everything has been *boringly normal* and we like it that way!

Tribute To My Daddy

dadtribute2I love to celebrate my husband on Father’s Day!  He is a wonderful Father who absolutely dotes on his children and loves them to pieces!  I enjoy creating gifts for him with the children and seeing the happiness in his eyes as he receives the gifts – the best gift of all being that his children love him and spent time to think of him!

But, through it all, I have this sad emptiness in a small part of my heart for my own Daddy.  It sticks there all day until I can just cry it out and move on with life tomorrow.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Dad and wish he were here, but Father’s Day magnifies those feelings.  So, here’s my cry-time.

I know most of you have already hugged your Dad today – do it one more time for me. 

Call him just once more and tell him you love him. 

If you haven’t wished him Happy Father’s Day because there is some “issue” between you, move on the best you can and enjoy the time you’ve been gifted, for it truly is a gift.

Me and My Daddy
Me and My Daddy


My Daddy died nearly eight years ago two days before Christmas.  Memories of many different things have slipped from the cracks of my mind, but the night my Dad breathed his last will never be forgotten.  I was in a beautiful candle-light service at my church, enjoying the warm glow from the candles and the fellowship of my friends around me.  Suddenly, there was a tap on my shoulder and I was called to the lobby.  My mom was there looking bewildered saying, “He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing!”  When she finally told me who, the room started spinning and I ran into the church to grab my Bible so we could get to his house.  My Daddy had a heart attack at 49 years old.  My poor sweet brother found him and tried to revive him but it was already too late.  I’m quite sure he’ll never get that memory to erase either.

My Daddy was loving and very gentle.  He was a quiet man and because of that, we often misunderstood what he was thinking or feeling.  He loved the races and would be so jealous that I now live only 30 minutes from the Daytona Speedway – he would probably have moved here by now!  He was so caring  and so kind.

Left to Right, My Little Bro, My Little Sis, Me, My Dad
Left to Right, My Little Bro, My Little Sis, Me, My Dad

I sure do miss my Daddy.

Please, appreciate each and every person around you each and every day. Even when your spouse is being a little grouchy.  Even when the kids are being a little naughty.  Even when the neighbors are being a little loud.  You just never know when someone will leave you forever. 

Was that the last word you spoke to them? 

Was that the last hug? 

Was that the last smile? 

You can’t live your life in fear, but you can be mindful enough that you never allow yourself to take your loved ones for granted.

To my friends and family reading this, I love you!

My Mommy Makeover – After

cimg15921 Just in case you didn't already check out my "before" photo, here it is again in all it's … well … splendor, so to speak!  So many things went right today, it amazes me that one person could have such a wonderful day!  My babysitter was not only on time, she was early!  You can't beat that!  And, I actually left on time for my appointment at the salon, which was at high noon.  I figured leaving my kids would be hard on them – but not one of them shed a tear, even the baby!  It made me very glad to know they were so comfortable with the sitter that they weren't worried about my absence.  My 3- and 4-year-olds said they cried a little bit at naptime for me, but the sitter gave them hugs and it was okay.  When I arrived at the salon, they greeted me by name – I already felt like royalty!  The first part of the day was the facial.  I have never had a facial before and boy, was it wonderful!  Talk about relaxing and pampering!  I could feel the old dead skin being washed away and my skin being rejuvenated.  Since I hadn't received a facial before, I pictured it to be different than it was and the reality was much better than what I had thought!  I was able to lay down completely relaxed while she worked wonders on my face and neck and arms.  By the time she was done, I felt like I was floating off the table my muscles were so relaxed! After the Makeover Next, was part one of the manicure.  What a treat to have someone else file and groom my nails – they pay so much more attention to detail than I do! Then, I was escorted to the hair stylist who asked me lots of questions about my hair and how I felt about it.  I was afraid to expect too much – what an indulgence this was already!  I was hoping I could get my hair highlighted because I just love how it looks, but I was nervous to outright ask.  She asked if I liked the color of my hair and I said I really didn't, it turned out too dark this time.  So, she suggested a lighter color and some highlights!!  I told you things went way too perfectly today!  After she colored and highlighted my hair, she did a wonderful cut as well – it feels so healthy and soft! In between the haircut and color, they also waxed my eyebrows for me!  Pure indulgence!!  They do it so much quicker than I can and a much better job, too! 015Back to the manicure table for the addition of my favorite pink color to my nails.  The photo, of course, does not do it justice, but I love how it looks!  Typing has never been so much fun. And then, for the part I was the most nervous about – the pedicure!  My feet are ticklish!  I was a little concerned that all the rubbing and attention would be unbearable.  I also have ugly feet and I was really concerned that she would take one look at my feet and say "no way!"  It was only ticklish for a few minutes and she didn't even gasp when she saw my feet!  I have never paid very much attention to my feet but it was very enjoyable.  My feet actually look healthy and almost nice – except for the fact they are so big!  (My Daddy used to say he was going to stop buying the shoes and just get the shoe boxes for me to wear!) I thought I was done and started getting ready to leave when another surprise was included – makeup!  I had no idea they were going to do my makeup, too!  I felt like a princess sitting there while someone else chose the right shades and colors for me! The photos can't possibly do justice to how wonderful I felt as I walked out of the salon this afternoon!  After five and026 a half hours of them pampering me and taking care of me, I was on top of the world.  But, can you believe it gets even better?  I called my husband to see if he could put dinner in the oven for me and … can you imagine … he ALREADY had it taken care of!!??!!  WOW! As I spoke to the incredible ladies who were working with me, I discovered that they and the salon make a habit of taking care of others just for the joy of doing it.  They said initially they had planned on choosing only one lady out of all the entries.  After they reviewed all the beautiful comments about the moms, while they wanted to give a makeover to each and every lady, they did pick four instead of one.  Such generosity!  There are so many projects they do throughout the community in order to better lives and neighborhoods. Thank you so much to "The Mix Spa Salon" for your unbelievable generosity and care! I would definitely say this is the second best Mother's Day gift I have ever gotten – the best being the children I received who MADE me a mother!  🙂  

(Here is the letter that my son submitted to the salon! This would have topped off all other Mother's Days to begin with!  He wrote it completely on his own, he just had me check for misspellings and punctuation!) 0131