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I Had A One-On-One Cooking Class With A Real German Cook!

German Cooking Class
Brandenburg Gate - Which Is Much Prettier In Person!

Some of you may already know this, but my husband was born and raised in East Berlin, Germany!  (What you maybe didn’t know is that since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by accents in a person’s speech.  I always thought it would be cool to marry someone with an accent!)

My husband and I were talking with another family from church that we have been wanting to have over for dinner. (I suffer from hyper-hospitality-ism.  I would have someone over for dinner every other night if I could!!)  We started talking about German dishes and finally made some solid plans for dinner!

I planned on making Roulladen with Mashed Potatoes and Red Cabbage – the epitome of German meals!  If this isn’t real bona fide German food, than nothing is!  But, I had never made Roulladen before!  I was pretty nervous.  I have watched my wonderfully fabulous mother-in-law make it many times, but I always get a bit apprehensive when I think about doing it myself.  This is definitely a “company” meal as there are several steps involved but the outcome is lecker!  (“Lecker” is German for Yummy!)

After a phone call to my mother-in-law the day before I was to make the meal, I felt a little bit better about the steps but I sure was wishing she was here to look over my shoulder.

Then, IT arrived!

What is IT, you might be asking?  (even if you weren’t asking, I’m going to tell you!)

IT is my birthday present from my family in Germany – a webcam!!

I didn’t know that my husband and my mother-in-law consulted together to think of ideas for my birthday, but they did and they picked out something perfect.  I wanted a webcam for lots of different reasons and was quite glad to put it to use!

Now, what does all this have to do with Roulladen and a German cooking class?

I’m getting there!  Be patient!  🙂

On the big day, as I was getting ready to start making the Roulladen, my husband asked if I wanted him to call his parents on the webcam?  I was so excited!!  Now, she could look over my shoulder and tell me what I was doing right or wrong.  It helped me feel much more confident in how the dish would turn out.German Cooking Class

I showed her the meat I had bought – she said it looked good.  I showed her how I squirted on the mustard – she said it was the right amount.  She reminded me to put on salt and pepper – I always forget salt and pepper.  I had a one-on-one cooking class with a real German cook!  All because of my new webcam!

By the end of the meal with our friends, I was so happy that the meal turned out well!  It really did taste like it did the first time I had it in Germany about four years ago!  Yum!

Now, who wants the recipe?

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Lunch Challenge

One of my new blogging-Mommy friends, Joy at FiveJs, is having a weekly lunch challenge.  I thought it would be fun to start participating, so here is my first lunch menu.

**Warning:  Our lunches are not nearly as healthified as I would like them to be.  (Yes, ‘healthified’ IS a word!)  Our dinners are much more rounded out but lunch is a quick meal to get us through to dinner.  We just have so much going on during the day with school and other tasks that I just sort throw something on the table and we eat and get back to work.  Maybe this lunch challenge will help me to be a little more accountable and get a little healthier!

Beverages:  We always drink only water for at least 95% of our meals.

It’s getting really hot in Central Florida and we just got our first electric bill after turning on the a/c!  YIKES!  (Picture the cartoon character with the eyeballs popping out of his head!)  So, we’re trying to use the a/c less and that means cold meals!

Monday:  Tuna Salad and Crackers with Cheese – my oldest does not like mayo on ANYTHING (I’m quite sure he gets his pickiness from me, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) so he gets dry plain tuna while the rest of us have tuna with mayo, pickle relish, mustard and lemon juice.  Add a few slices of cheese, a sleeve of crackers and voila! lunch is served.

Tuesday:  Pineapple Chicken Salad Pitas– the secret is in the Worcestershire sauce with this one!  Yum!!  Don’t be afraid to veer off the recipe with this one – just about anything works.  I’ve used different kinds of nuts, I’ve omitted the carrot sticks, I’ve used tuna instead, and I’ve used regular bread.  Make it with whatever you have on-hand.

Wednesday:  I guess this was a bad week to start this because I forgot we’ll be traveling for two days to visit some very dear friends of my husband’s.  I am so excited to finally meet a family that reached out and took such good care of him in a time when he really needed a friend (this was before he and I were married).  I plan to pack some snacks for the trip.

Thursday:  We’ll be sleeping overnight Wednesday by our friends and driving back late Thursday evening.

Friday:  Good Old PBJ – With all the traveling, I’m sure I’ll be unpacking and putting the house back together, so I don’t have real high hopes for Friday’s lunch.  Friday is also our ministry day so I need a fast lunch with few dishes to clean up since we’ll be out most of the late afternoon.

Saturday: Pancakes With All the Breakfast Fixin’s – on Saturday’s, we do a big brunch and an early dinner.

Sunday: Sandwiches – we always do Sandwiches on Sunday’s because it fits our church schedule very well.  We usually do fancier sandwiches than we would during the week – meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, nice bakery bread, condiments, avocado sometimes (only Mommy likes that!) and bacon!

Join in the Lunch Challenge with me!!  Post your weekly lunch plans and then link it up with Joy at!  Can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!