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Our Breech Baby Was Delivered Naturally – You Can Too!

Our Breech Baby at Six Months Old

Baby #4 was a very emotional pregnancy for me – but one during which I learned many lessons.

We found out at 30 weeks that our baby girl was in a frank breech position. Frank breech meant she was ready to come out butt-first.

Most doctors are not comfortable delivering breech of any kind and most women are only given one choice for their delivery – cesarean section.  I know many ladies do just fine with cesarean sections, but for me, this was a very scary proposition and I desperately searched for other, safe options.

Here is our story …

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number four, I also found a fabulous midwife and was very excited to give birth at her birthing center. Everything was “boringly normal” throughout the pregnancy, such a blessing with all my pregnancies.

Later in the pregnancy, we discovered that this baby was in the head up or breech position – which translates to an automatic c-section in the hospital. Gone were my dreams of having the baby at the birthing center with my trusted midwife.

So, we set to work trying any method possible to turn the baby to the correct position – lots and lots of prayers, chiropractic treatments, lying upside down on a propped up board, homeopathic prescription, more lying upside down, moxa treatments (burning herbs on the toe), and lots more prayer!!

Nothing. Worked.

I can’t accurately relate with any words how much I did not want to have a c-section. I was desperate for this baby to turn.

Days before the due date turned into days after the due date and our little girl was still stubbornly head up. We wanted to wait until the last possible minute to plan any surgery or induction of labor in order to let her turn, if that was at all possible. So many risks surround the situation – everyday was emotional and hard to endure.

Monday morning, July 21, I was 10 days overdue and we were scheduled for a biophysical profile on the baby to make sure she was still doing well under the circumstances. During the test, she passed all the marks that were needed except one – so she failed the test. We were sent immediately to the office to consult as to the next step.

We had three strikes against us – breech position, overdue, and now the failed test. It sure seemed like the future didn’t look very bright.