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Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (Fluffy Biscuits)

fluffy biscuits

… was a complete success!!!  Delicious!

These biscuits from A Cooking Bookworm were a little different because the ingredients list included eggs!  Sometimes, I make biscuits when I am out of eggs, so then I would have to use one of the other recipes, but this is going to be my go-to recipe any other time.  They were very very light and fluffy.

Mine ended up being drop biscuits.  I misplaced my 1/3 measuring cup and when you have five hungry kids and a hungry husband to feed for breakfast and a schedule to keep up with, improvisation takes over!  So, I winged it … wung it … I guessed! I must have added a little too much, but that also saved on time for rolling out the dough and cutting nicely shaped biscuits.

They were gone so fast, I don’t even think they would have noticed if I had shaped them as intricate geometric shapes!

I also used margarine instead of butter or shortening – so that may have made a difference.  In the comments, Stephanie mentions that she uses a combination of butter and shortening. I only had margarine on hand, but I think she’s right about that combination being the best!

fluffy biscuits

Thank you so much, Cooking Bookworm, for this great recipe for Fluffy Biscuits!  And, since I enjoyed perusing your site so much, for another blog to read, as if I didn’t have enough to do already!!  Lol!

Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (Mug Brownie)

pinterestTotally exceeded my expectations!

This ends up being really really fudgy and oh! so! delicious! There are no eggs, so you can undercook it a little bit (which makes it turn out sort of like a molten lava cake) and add to the chocolate satisfaction.

We put ours in bowls instead of mugs, like the recipe calls for. I also did not have any vanilla on hand – the chocolate craving was way too strong to wait until I could get to the store, so we went with it anyway and it was great.

We have a small microwave and 60 seconds was perfect for a fudge brownie – 45 seconds for molten lava.

Can you do a double batch in one bowl?
See, I knew you were going to ask that, so I sacrificed my own calorie count and made a double for myself just to satisfy your curiosity – if that doesn’t show the love, I don’t know what does! 😉 I just put it in for 90 seconds and it was great.

I couldn’t finish my whole brownie (gee, I wonder why!) so I put it in the fridge for later. It was even better chilled.

Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (Waffle Brownie)


It looked like a fun and (more importantly) fast way to satisfy that chocolate brownie craving. It ended up making lots of crumbs and hardly any brownies!  Bummer.

I really need to try this one again.  I had brownie mix and I oiled my waffle maker, but each browaffle got stuck in the maker and ended up burned.

Anyone else had a better experience with this idea?

Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (No-Sew Valance and Curtains)

pinterestSucceeded … sorta!

I so wish I had taken pictures!  It didn’t turn out too bad – I just couldn’t get the valance to stay put.

The blinds broke in the girls room.  Rather than run out and buy more cheap blinds, I wanted to do something *pretty* – insert husband and two sons’ eye roll here!

I had some sheets we were no longer using that were pink with princess crowns on them! Perfect!  So, I cut the strips into the larger hem (top of the topsheet) and slid the curtain rod through.  They looked so cute and it was so easy to do!

Now, the sheet didn’t really filter out the light, but that was okay with us – we were going for pretty, not dark.

The valance was a bit different for me.  I had some foam board laying around. So, I cut it to size, grabbed some thin cotton batting and put that down first and wrapped some of the fabric from the fitted sheet over it.  I didn’t know how else to secure it, so I used packaging tape (it’s clear).  Even that turned out really cute.

It was when I went to put it up that I just couldn’t figure out how to keep it above the curtains.  I ended up using the tape to make loops to put through the curtain rod, but in the end, it just wasn’t working for us.

Overall, the Pin was a success – just wish I could have figured out how to keep that valance up.  In the next house (now that we’ve moved cross-country!) we will have to revisit this idea!

Pinterest: I Tried That and It … (Tin Foil Curlers)


I absolutely LOVE to try out new hair-do’s with my girls!  With three girls, you can’t imagine how long it takes us to get ready to go anywhere!  But, they always look cute, even if we show up 30 minutes late!  🙂

So, when I saw this way of getting curly hair, I was excited to try it and my oldest daughter said she thought it was worth trying.

UGH!  It took FOREVER!  Much more time involved than simply putting the hair in rollers or braids over-night.  But, the other kiddos were sleeping so the time involved wasn’t the main issue.  The curls really didn’t look nice at all.  I tried rolling them several ways and testing the strands to see how it looked, but I just couldn’t get it right.

Oh well!  Live and learn!  We had a good time together while I rolled and foiled and heated and at least we can say we actually DID one of the things we saw on Pinterest!!  Lol!

I am going to try this technique, though!  Maybe I will just wrap one piece of hair and let it be over-night before committing to the whole head.  😉