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Carnival of Homeschooling for the Week of October 27th, 2014

Sit back, relax and enjoy  another fabulous episode of Carnival of Homeschooling!

Carol at Journey and Destination presents “Picture Books are Just for Young Children – Rubbish!” where she helps us to see the many advantages of using picture for more than just reading to our youngest kiddos. She also includes a fabulous list of her favorite picture books – I’ve found several I have never read to my kids so it’s off to the library for us tomorrow!

Harvest Moon by Hand presents “Hildegard Van Bingen – Composer Study” where we learn so much about this amazing and talented woman from long long ago. From the author: We have been studying various composers for homeschooling for several years now. We began the 2014-15 homeschool year by studying Hildegard von Bingen whose music both my daughters thoroughly enjoyed.

Annie Kate at Annie Kate’s Homeschool Reviews presents “Civics:  How our Heavenly Citizenship Affects our Earthly Countries” – Quote from the article: One of our homeschooling goals is to raise citizens of the kingdom of heaven who care about their earthly country as well. We want to equip them to influence their culture for Christ … and this includes political action. Annie Kate also includes several valuable resources on this topic.

Annie Kate also brings us a review of “The Perfect Score Project by Debbie Stier” – From the author: This is the story of one mom’s efforts to help her son study for the SAT by modelling SAT studying herself…including taking the test 7 times in one year.

Andrea at Notes From a Homeschooled Mom presents “Rote Memorization – Just Practice” where she draws homeschooling lessons about memorization from an art class video she watched – good stuff!

Julie at The Smallest Acre presents “Sea World Home School Day” – From the author: We recently took a field trip to Sea World for Sea World Home School Day.  This is a brief summary of what they have to offer.

Denise at Let’s Play Math! presents “Horseshoes: A Place Value Game” where she shows us a fun math game for all ages. You will probably also enjoy the Math Teachers at Play carnival #79 from last week: Math Teachers at Play #79

Joesette at Learning Curvey presents Happy Birthday, Picasso! where she gives us some great details on the life of this fabulous artist and shows us some of the artwork her children did in the cubist form.

Petticoat Government presents “Great Sand Dunes National Park” – From the author: We had a great autumn field trip to the sand dunes in southern Colorado, and it even tied in with our study of ancient Egypt!

Janine at Why Homeschool presents “Things I Like About Homeschooling by Baby Bop” where she shares a very sweet conversation between herself and her 8 year old homeschooler – love his replies!


I grabbed quite a few great ideas to use for school next week with my kids! I hope you did, too! Make sure to tune in next week for another fabulous Carnival. If you would like to submit an article, please click here. If you know someone who blogs about homeschooling topics, please send them this way so we can include their valuable articles too!

Printable FREEBIE For Subscribing!

Announcing! My very first FREEBIE for everyone that signs up to get updates from HomeGrownMommy!freebie post

I have always wanted to give my awesome readers something free for subscribing as a way of saying Thank You. I finally set aside a good chunk of time and made up the free download and installed the autoresponder and – wow! it was lots of work but so very very worth it.

If you look to the right side of the screen, you should see my Subscribe box with a picture of the freebie. It’s a set of 4 pieces of wall art depicting Ephesians 5:20 in two different color schemes – you can choose between pink & gray or fall colors.

freebie fall post

Originally, the set was created to print on 12×12 canvas. You could also print it in the 8X8 size on regular paper with your home printer, trim off the extra paper and frame it – just as beautiful and no waiting for the printer to send it!

What kind of emails will you get from HomeGrownMommy?

First, I have a strict privacy policy – I would never want my email sold or distributed in any way and so I will never do that with yours.

I publish articles about parenting a large family {6 kiddos here}, homeschooling, blogging, and this mommy-life I’m living. There are also reviews of products that pertain to kids or homeschooling (like various pieces of curriculumcurricula … books and stuff).

Occasionally, you will see some affiliate links and I try to make sure you know about it before you click – I receive a small commission when you purchase through those links and the funds go to support this blog and my family. When I am compensated in some way for a review, I promise to always tell you my real honest opinion about the product to help you make the best choice for your family.

Thank you so much for reading here at HomeGrownMommy!

50 Shades of Grey – Wrong? Why?

HomeGrownMommyThere has been lots of buzz about the trilogy called “50 Shades of Grey” by E. L. James, especially with the announcement of a movie coming in early 2015.

Whether it’s a Christian women’s group on Facebook or waiting in the checkout aisle at the grocery store, you hear about it. Talk shows are having guests analyze it. Magazines are watching for every bit of gossip about it. Seems like it’s everywhere right now.

I will preface everything I’m about to say with a personal fact: I have not read the books.

Religious or not; Christian or otherwise, every one of us needs to stand back and make a judgement call about something before we dive in. Is this right for me right now? Is this going to edify myself and those around me? What will the impact be on my life if I were to move ahead? I’ve heard it said many times, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or “Don’t judge those around you.” But, like it or not, we make judgements on everything we do, every single day.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey Wrong?

Most of the people I am with on a regular basis are Christians, as am I. Most of them absolutely detest any mention of *that Grey book*. From what I’ve heard, it contains lots of risque sexual behavior between at least two people who are not married, Ana and Christian. That in and of itself tells me that it’s not something I want to read.

So, briefly, in my opinion, reading the book(s) would be wrong.

But Why?

Why is it so popular? Why do women (I’m assuming mostly women are buying the books) even want this kind of thing in their life?

Usually, when lots of people around me are sharing the same opinion about something and are talking about it over and over, again and again, it moves me to go beyond what they are saying. It begs the question within me, “But, why?” Why is it happening? Do all these people really know what they’re talking about? Am I getting the right information? Is there something deeper happening here?

I did a little bit of digging into that question of *why* and some of the things I’m seeing really make sense. It sounds like Christian Grey just knows everything Ana wants in an intimate way without her having to ask or direct or verbally communicate. It also sounds like Christian is a take-charge kind of guy and women are responding to that.

Is this the opposite of what women wanted in the feminist movement? They wanted to take charge, they wanted to be shoulder-to-should with men in every way. From giving out orders at work to running the home, women wanted to be no different than men.

Maybe they ended up with more than they bargained for. It sure appears that the success 50 Shades is having in many circles may be due, at least in part, to the notion that women are tired of being in charge all the time. Women are complaining that men don’t take charge enough in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. They are enjoying reading about a man who takes control of the situation, every situation.

It Goes Deeper

But, more than that, women are hurting inside. There is an unfulfilled need. There is lots of pressure, whether you have a job outside the home or you are a full-time SAHM – pressure to have it all together, pressure to live up to the expectations, pressure to be both man and woman (in a manner of speaking).

50 Shades is about a woman being taken care of in a very intimate way. It’s about someone just knowing her and wanting to provide what she needs. Yes, Grey goes too far in his control of Ana, but the underlying need is a signal.

As they read, maybe women are wondering how they can get more of some parts of that into their own lives and bedrooms – maybe without the ropes, though. Maybe, they are wondering how they can talk with their husbands about this topic.

Intimacy in marriage is a beautiful, fulfilling thing. Something that God created for us to enjoy. If Christians are willing to dig a little deeper into the underlying reasons for the success of this series, could we help some women who are wanting some healing in their own lives? Is it possible that this book series may just help us to open up the doors and see how we’ve gone wrong? Could we then allow a safe, kind, satisfying kind of intimacy into our marriages?

The Only Ballerina Without a Princess Dress – And It’s Okay


My 6 year old daughter has been obsessed with ballet for years now. Whether she is sitting, standing, going hiking or washing the dishes, she can figure out some way to relate the activity to ballet – it’s uncanny!

The day after she turned 6, we were able to enroll her in a two-day ballet camp that had a Princess theme. The dancers were encouraged to bring their princess dress-up dresses to wear during some of the time. Our little Ballerina brought hers but didn’t want it on right away.

As the other little ones starting showing up for the camp, I noticed that most were already wearing their dresses over their leotards. I asked my ballerina if she wanted hers on and she cheerfully said, “No thanks!”

Maybe there was some other explanation.

Maybe she didn’t really like her dress and didn’t want to wear it in front of the rest of the dancers. Nope. I asked her and that wasn’t the case. She did eventually put it on when the teacher asked them to and felt fine about it.

Dancer after dancer showed up with a princess dress on and still, she was totally fine without one on. As the class started and I made my way out the door {first time I have left her like that!}, she still was perfectly comfortable being the only ballerina without a princess dress on.HomeGrownMommy

Now, maybe some of you have always been confident in your own skin and so this story won’t sound so amazing.

For me, that is not the case. The fact that she could be the only one without something is shocking to me. Being the only one with something cool – that I can see! 🙂 But, as I watched the action unfold, I was just in awe of her confidence in herself.

I took it as confirmation that what we’ve been doing over these years with her and the other children in regard to parenting and homeschooling is working! She is very well socialized – she folded right in with the other dancers perfectly and made several friends the first day. But, she also has her own presence within the group. She doesn’t absolutely have to be doing everything they are doing.

I know she’s only 6 and we have a long way ahead, but I am so excited with the start she’s getting.

Fabulous Friday Finds

homegrownmommyScanning the interwebs for awesome stuff so that you don’t have to! I present to you some amazing articles, resources, freebies and whatever else I could find that seemed worth your precious Friday time!


This Sweet Life is sharing her favorite parts of her favorite park in Disney, The Magic Kingdom! I love her photos and ideas of the best things to see there. If you are planning a trip to Disney this year, you gotta read this one.

Look! We’re Learning! is unveiling their downloadable ebook We Got Jazz! – Exploring the Pioneers of Scat, Bebop, and Swing! packed with jazz history, activities, and games for kids in grades K through fourth! This is 130 pages of fun stuff for your kids – the perfect unit to complete over the summer months. It’s on sale for only $4.99!

FREEBIES!! Embracing Him has put together free resources to create the perfect Homeschool Planning Binder. If you are going to use these upcoming summer months to plan for next term, this will be a great article for you.

The Kids Activities Blog gives us some food for thought about this whole potty business – Just Say NO To Potty Training! Hmmmm … what do you think?

I love love love the look of painted glass bottles! Re-Creations gives us a great example of some patriotic ones – Memorial Day is already past but this would come in really handy for Fourth of July.

FREEBIE!! ‘Tis the season for lots and lots of weddings – which means the bridal showers that come before-hand. If you have one to plan, this is an easy game to have with you! Thanks, Raising Samuels for the FREE printable of the “ABC’s of Marriage” Bridal Shower Game!

Here is one that anyone with a bunch of kiddos can use, even if it’s just a reminder! How To Keep Your Sanity When You Take Young Kids Out from the real life experiences of 4 Her Home. She shares a hilarious story of an adventure she had with a baby and three boys ages 1, 3, and 4. Oy!!

Journey Through Psalms #4 – Contemplating how to be a better mom, wife, friend, church member? Called Home shares her thoughts and some verses in Psalms in this very sweet devotional.

Now this one looks so so yummy! Shore Is Good Seafood Dip served in a breadbowl from Not Just Paper & Paint. I might definitely have to try this one very soon.

Check out to get kids’ book titles with correlating questions and activities to engage kids ages infants to eleven! She also posts contests from publishers to win free books, summer reading information, and more! Like Kidsbook Friends on Facebook today to be entered into our “Fabulous 50 Contest” for a chance to win a FREE KID”S BOOK of YOUR CHOICE! Check out this post in honor of Memorial Day: “Revolutionary War on Wednesday

FREEBIE!! Father’s Day Fun Pack to help you build a keepsake for Dad that he will treasure for many years to come! Thank you to Marriage Motherhood and Missions for putting this together.

Homeschool Conferences – Top 10 Reasons Every Parent Should Go. Quick Start Homeschool gives us some great advice on why, if you homeschool, you should go to a homeschool conference at least once.

Whether you homeschool or not, if you have a boy or two under your roof to raise up, you have taken a peek into the world of a very peculiar piece of God’s Handiwork! I love my boys and this article really spoke to my heart about being able to engage with them to get them to listen the first time without frustration. Joyful Keeper shares Engaging Boys – How to Prevent Unnecessary  Discipline.

This one might step on your toes a bit – but, you can handle it, right? It’s so worth it to take a second look at how we talk about our children to others. Thinking Kids writes about it in Five Things That Occur When I Complain About My Children.

That’s all for this Fabulous Friday! I hope you found something helpful and interesting!

Free Field Trips Ideas for Southern Wisconsin

free field trip ideas southern wisconsinOkay – my Summer 2014 Free Event Guide was not really supposed to be an event guide for summer! I wanted to put together things that were free all the time that homeschooling families could use as field trips for their schooling.

Well, you can see what I ended up with!

So, now I’m trying again. (There is a map at the bottom with all these locations on it to help you plan better.)

Free, educational trips. Southern Wisconsin. Keeping my focus this time.

And, go!

Wisconsin Science Festival – This one is first because it is TOTALLY AWESOME!! You just have to make plans to bring your whole clan to this one! Check out the website for more details. The next one is scheduled for October 16th to 19th.

Free Field Trip Ideas Southern WisconsinChicago Children’s Museum – did I lose focus already? Lol! Even though this is not Southern Wisconsin, it is pretty close. This is definitely one that it would be worth the drive to take advantage of. On Thursday evenings from 5pm to 8pm, admission is free for all visitors. Also, the first Sunday of each month is free for visitors 15 years of age and younger.

Madison Children’s Museum – a little closer to home … This children’s museum is free the first open Wednesday of each month. I’m not sure what *open* means, but you may want to call ahead and double check before you drop by or use this form.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (Milwaukee) – Free on the third Thursday of every month courtesy of US Bank and Fox6. They also plan special events on these Thursday evenings – check out the link for more details. A few of the events include: July 17: “A Book Can Take You Anywhere” Literacy Night with free books for families, August 21: Back-to-School Resource Fair, and others in May and June.

Henry Vilas Zoo – This wonderful zoo is always free and such an great trip to Madison with the kids.

Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center – A free museum in Janesville, WI, it is the 1912 Prairie style residence of Stanley Dexter Tallman with exhibits and a gift shop. The Rock County Historical Society administrative office is there, too – they might know more about other attractions in the area.

Wisconsin Wagon Company – hand-crafter of Coaster Wagons and other children’s solid wooden toys patterned after quality products of past generations. The tour will draw you into their toy making gallery and delight you as you watch them create. After the tour you can order a wagon or toy of your own. Tours are free for individuals or families by appointment only so call ahead, 608-754-0026.

Kenosha Public Museum and Dinosaur Discovery Museum – These museums are free all the time! Check out the link I have included for more information. Make sure to check out the Events calendar for each of the three museums listed at the top of their page – the Civil War Museum is not free from what I understand.

Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago – Happen to find yourself in the midst of a unit on Oriental culture or history? The Oriental Institute is a research organization and museum devoted to the study of the ancient Near East. Founded in 1919 by James Henry Breasted, the Institute, a part of the University of Chicago, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the archaeology, philology, and history of early Near Eastern civilizations. Admission is always free but donations are certainly welcome!

National Museum of Mexican Art – Another one that is always free and little farther away than I had planned on including. But, if you are studying Mexican history or culture, it certainly would be worth the drive for such an amazing opportunity! They are closed on Mondays – check their schedule for other closings before you head out.

Racine Art Museum and RAM’s Wustum Museum – The Wustum Museum is always free and the Art Museum is free on the first Friday of each month.

Free Field Trip Ideas Southern WisconsinChocolate Experience Museum – How is it that I have NEVER been to this museum? A museum about chocolate!!! ANNNNNND, it’s free? Wow. Just, Wow. Give me just one moment to recover from this most amazing news. Okay – now, let’s get over to Burlington and tour that museum!! You’ll have to figure out how to make this a homeschooling related education experience yourselves. I just want to be closer to the chocolate.

Jelly Belly Factory Tour – Includes free sample! This is a fun train ride around one of their warehouses, viewing videos at each stop of exactly what happens during the creation of a Jelly Belly jelly bean.

Honey Of A Museum – A museum all about bees and honey. This farm has been owned and operated by the Diehnelts family since 1852. Features include: bee tree, a close up view of bees activies; 20 minute color multi media show; examples of beekeeping yesterday, today, and around the world; displays of pollination and beeswax; Mr Black Bear; scenic nature walk; Tower Gift Shop; and honey tasting.

Olbrich Gardens – This is one of the best botanical gardens in Wisconsin, in my opinion. Located in Madison, the outdoor garden admission is always free and the conservatory is free Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10am to noon, except during the Blooming Butterflies event.

Free Field Trip Ideas Southern WisconsinRotary Botanical Gardens – This one is in Janesville and is beautiful as well. They are having a special 25th Anniversary celebration in 2014 – the 25th of each month is free for everyone!

(Note: Here is a link for other botanical gardens in Wisconsin – I have not checked to see which ones are free or may offer free days throughout the month.)

Yerkes Observatory – The birthplace of modern astrophysics right in Williams Bay! Open for free public tours every Saturday throughout the year. Programs begin at 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and Noon. The guided portion of the program begins at 10:15 a.m., 11:15 a.m., and 12:15 p.m. and last about forty-five minutes. We don’t take reservations. While there is no charge, we appreciate a suggested donation of five dollars per person. If there are more than fifteen in your group, please consider making arrangements for a private program at some other time. If you wish to do so, please call 262 245-5555, extension 880.

Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (Town Center Tours) – The tours are free. There is a ton of information on the website about everything that happens at this location. Check it out and plan accordingly.

Free Field Trip Ideas Southern WisconsinArena Cheese Factory Tour – They would like you to call ahead, but welcome tours! They have a long list of cheeses made at this facility so come prepared to bring some good ol’ Wisconsin cheese home with you.

S.C. Johnson Wax Factory Tour – This factory is in Racine and the description of the tour sounds awesome.

Trek Bicycle Tours – Located in Waterloo, this tour is for ages 4 and up. Watch these world famous bikes being created from beginning to end.

Summer 2014 Free Event Guide in Southern Wisconsin

free field trip ideas southern wisconsinOne of the most popular posts here at HomeGrownMommy is my 10 Free Field Trip Ideas in Central Florida – I posted it way back at the beginning of my blogging journey, in 2009!

We’ve moved back home to Wisconsin and this summer is bringing lots of fun free events to my local Southern Wisconsin area. It made me want to do another piece of info like the Florida one. There are a lot more than 10, so I’m keeping this open-ended – feel free to add to the list in the comments below!

{Note: Some of these ideas are date-specific for this year but will likely be scheduled again next year around the same time. Just check your calendars and verify with the venue information before you head out.}

A Celebration of Birds{Date: May 10th, 2014} A Celebration of Birds! Did you know that Janesville is known as Bird City? They are celebrating that fact on May 10th with a photography contest, quizzes and games, bird walks and identification help.

Spring Stargazing Spectacular {Date: May 10th, 2014} Celebrate National Astronomy Day with several local astronomy enthusiasts at Optimist Park in Janesville, WI from 7:30pm to 9:00pm! Since this is in celebration of a national day of observance, you might have a similar type of event happening if you aren’t close enough to Janesville to stop on by.

Hershey’s Track Meet {Date: Pre-reg May 6th, Meet Day is Monday May 12th} What do track & field and Hershey’s chocolate have in common? Absolutely nothing, unless its May 12th and you’re at Monterey Stadium in Janesville! For youth ages 9 – 14. A friendly competition featuring lots of track and field events – the winners move on to a district competition in Madison and then a state competition after that! Everyone at the May 12th meet gets a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Free Fishing Weekend{Date: June 7th – 8th, 2014} The Wisconsin DNR is sponsoring a free fishing weekend June 7 – 8, 2014 and many places throughout Wisconsin are hosting Kid’s Fishing Derbies for free. On the page I linked to, they show a list of some of the events around the state. One that is not included in that list is the Janesville Kids Fishing Derby on page 8 of the activity catalog on June 7th from 9:00am to 12:30pm with tons of prizes and many area businesses supporting the event.

Owl Hike {Date: June 7th at 9pm} Join naturalist Dave Bendlin and the Friends of Rockport Park Saturday, June 7 for an evening walk with owls, lightning bugs and glow worms. Dave will lead a night hike, without lights, to view the wonders of nature in the dark. He will call owls who respond and may even fly overhead and he will point out features of the natural world that are only visible at night. Meet at the Rockport Pool parking lot and be ready to hike at 9 pm. This event is sponsored by Friends of Rockport Park.

World’s Largest Swim Lesson{Date: Pre-reg June 17th, Lesson day is June 20th at 10am} You can get a free swimming lesson and be part of breaking a Guinness World Record! For youth ages 5-12, space is limited to the first 100 registrants.

Freedom Fest – {Date: June 28th} FREE MANDISA CONCERT!!!

Youth Battle of the Bands {Date: July 17th} Open to youth grades 6th to 12th. Prizes will be awarded with the top winner receiving one hour of free video and audio recording time with JATV. Fill out the Application and you’re ready to rock ‘n roll!

National Night Out – {Date: Tuesday, August 5th, 2014} This is another fabulous national event, so google your local area plus the title “National Night Out” to see if something is planned in your area. The one in my area includes free food and drinks, kids’ games, police demonstrations and community booths.

Riverside Music Festival – {Date: August 17th}

NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Program{Date: August 22nd} NFL PP&K, the oldest grassroots initiative at the NFL, continues to reach children ages 6-15 and allows them to experience the fun of learning football fundamentals in an engaging and supportive non-contact environment. At Telfer Park in Beloit, WI. (Note: I noticed that, on the official website that I linked to, the event in our area doesn’t show up but it is in our activities catalog. I will make some calls and see what I can find out.)

Kids Workshops{Date: Various, once per month}

Rotary Botantical Gardens {Date: 25th of each month 2014 through October} Enjoy the Rotary Botanical Gardens for free every 25th to celebrate 25 years of the Gardens.

Kids Bowl Free{Date: All Summer} This one goes on across the nation! Click on the link and choose your state – sign up at a participating bowling alley and you and the kids are set for bowling fun all summer long! {Ok! So, it isn’t technically an educational field trip – but it’s free. And, you could delve into the math and science behind the game, right? Or show them an educational bowling video before you head out!}

Free Swimming{Date: Open from May 31st to August 24th}

  • Lions Beach – There is no lifeguard on duty so swimming is at your own risk, but this is definitely a fun way to cool off during summer. Go to 1400 Palmer Drive in Janesville from the hours of 11am to 6pm.
  • Riverside Wading Pool – Have little ones that don’t like the real beach quite so much? You can still cool off at the wading pool from the hours of noon to 7pm daily. 2000 Parkside Drive in Janesville.

Kid’s Noon Time Entertainment{Date: Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 starting June 12th} Here is the line-up for 2014: June 12th and 19th, Bucky the Clown; June 26th, Robbie Clement; July 3rd, Bob Kann; July 10th, Rock County Show Choir – Heat Wave

Main Street Entertainment Series{Date: Tuesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm starting June 10th} Here is the line-up for 2014: June 10th, Frank & Co. Band; June 17th, Zweifel Brothers (yodeling); June 24th, Emerald City Contemporary Rock; July 1st, Kind Of A Big Deal; July 8th, Birddog Blues Band; July 15th, Close Enuf Band (country).

Pickleball{Date: All Summer} Try out one of the fastest growing sports in the world: Pickleball!! Pickleball is almost like three sports rolled into one: ping pong, badminton and tennis! The sport is fun for all ages and abilities. Beginners and veterans are encouraged to come out to Riverside Park Monday evenings from 4:30-6:30PM or Saturdays 9-11am to play the game on lined courts. A pickleball facilitator will be on hand to explain the rules and facilitate game play on Saturdays. Paddles will be available for use or you may bring your own. Paddles can be rented from the Parks and Recre- ation office for $3. There will be no play on Memorial Day. No registration required and play is weather dependent.

Free Movies in the Park – {Dates: June 20, July 18, August 15, 2014} Sponsored by the Optimist Clubs, every third Friday throughout the summer you and your family can enjoy a fun movie at the Optimist Park in Janesville, WI. This year, they are also including some pre-movie theme enhancements for everyone to enjoy!

    • June 20th is Monsters University and Sully and Mike will be there pre-movie – great photo op!
    • July 18th the movie is Santa Buddies and Santa will be there for the pre-movie activity.
    • August 15th is The Lego Movie – kids can make a Lego creation at home and bring it to the pre-movie fun to enter it for a prize.

WOW! Who knew there was so much going on for free this summer in Southern Wisconsin! Enjoy!

Carnival of Homeschooling IS READY TO Enjoy!

Carnival of Homeschooling
Welcome the Carnival of Homeschooling!!

If you are anything like me, this carnival is one of the highlights of the internet for you! Join me as we learn and fellowship together!

Just one little bit of housekeeping first off. The website that this carnival goes through to get submissions, BlogCarnival, has been down for several weeks which means that the number of our submissions have gone down greatly. Submissions are always accepted through the home site, WhyHomeschool. Let’s work together and bring this Carnival back up to the popularity it deserves!!

And now, for this week’s submissions!

Henry at WhyHomeschool presents “Homeschooling in the News comparing past media sentiment regarding homeschooling to the landscape of today’s news and finds an interesting shift.

Annie Kate at Tea Time with Annie Kate presents “After the Homeschooling Conference giving us some great ways to make sure all that motivation and inspiration we received at the homeschooling conference actually impacts our homeschooling strategy on a day-to-day basis. (You can also visit Annie Kate at Embracing a Gluten Free Life.)

D. Headmistress at The Common Room presents “Good Books and Stories Build Character helping us to see that using well written stories and tales builds vocabulary and writing skills, but more importantly, gives children grand ideas to think about.

Rachael at Diamonds In The Rough presents “The Real Benefits of Homeschool where she lists the many non-academic, REAL reasons to homeschool!

Melissa at The Cork Board presents “The Summer Plan showing us a great example of her plans for letting her kiddos enjoy the summer while still getting in some brain exercise including two FREEBIES. (You can also find Melissa at Melissa Corkum Photography.)

Sharon at Reading-Writing-Learning presents “5 Parenting Tips For a Moral, Successful, Happy Child sharing that “all of us parents want our children to grow into happy, moral, successful adults. The way we discipline them has a great influence on them reaching this wonderful goal. Here are 5 tips parents can use to make sure their discipline methods develop great kids.”

Jennifer (that’s me!) at HomeGrownMommy presents “How To Find Free Events or Field Trips In Your Area sharing lots of ways to find the fun free events going on all around you for an educational trip or just a break from the norm.


That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this go-round of the Carnival of Homeschooling! Make sure to submit your articles for next week to WhyHomeschool (since BlogCarnival is down for now).

How To Find Free Events In Your Area

HomeGrownMommy free events or field tripsDo you love going to fun events?

Do you love it even more when they are FREE?

My kids love a change of scenery! Their whole day brightens when I tell them we will be visiting a new library or checking out that little free museum on the corner. Sometimes it’s counted as an actual school field trip, sometimes it’s just the best way to keep everyone’s sanity! (read: Mom’s sanity! lol!)

There are some great ways to figure out where the free events are in  your area – here are a few ideas for you!

Local Parks Department – Sometimes, it’s also called the Parks and Recreation Department. The one in my area puts out a large catalog listing all the events going on over the summer. Many of the classes and events are offered for a minimal cost but it’s worth looking through the catalog to see the ones that are free as well. Do a search according to your county – for instance, I searched for the incorrect name of Rock County Recreation Department and was able to find the correctly named Rock County Parks Department. They can tell you what locations are displaying the catalog or they may be able to send you one.

Search Engine Searches – Play around with the words a little bit and you may be surprised at what you can find. Most engines are smart enough to know where you live (spooky, I know) so you will automatically see the results closest to you first usually. I typed in “free summer” and found several items that were relevant to my area.

Local Area Magazines – This mostly applies to larger cities, but if you search for the nearest large city name and the word “magazine”, you’ll find if your area has one. They are a great source for fun events happening in the area that may not be publicized elsewhere.

Event Websites – There are tons and tons of event websites across the internet. Just search for “free event listings” and you will see what I mean. Some of the most popular ones include: Lanyrd, EventBrite, Zvents, Yelp (Find your location in the list and it will take you to the events listed), Eventful, Meetup and many many many many more!

Local Cultural Centers – Places like the performing arts center, museums, opera house, etc may have events occasionally that are free of charge.

Visitor’s Center – Some areas have a visitor’s center and they will likely know of some other places you can check out to find awesome events.

Free Magazines in the entryway of the grocery stores and library – I always scour those racks in the entryway of the grocery store and library. There seem to be fewer of those publications as more and more people turn to the internet to find what they need, but sometimes you can find a great event that isn’t listed anywhere on the net.

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