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Weight Loss Update – The Three Best Things About Working Out

Head ColdEverything was going so smoothly … until I got sick!  Ugh!

Last week, I had to deal with some issues that were swirling around me.  They didn’t involve me directly but close friends.  What my friends were going through was a little emotional for me as well but it taught me a few lessons that I really needed to digest.  So, I wasn’t getting nearly enough rest at night and just couldn’t get out of bed on time each morning.  By the time Saturday morning came along, I had a full-blown head cold.  Yuck!

Needless to say, I did not make it to the Publix scale Saturday morning!  Since I hadn’t exercised the whole week, I think it is safe to say I didn’t lose 20 pounds or anything!  Thankfully, the worst of the cold hit me all at once on Saturday and I was feeling better Sunday.

The Three Best Things About Working Out

  • Energy

I did get back to exercising this morning and boy, do I feel GREAT!!  It is absolutely amazing to me how working out in the morning can give you a blast of energy that  lasts all day long!  There are lots of recommendations of what you can do to boost your energy levels, but by far the best one is to exercise in the morning.  If you can at all arrange your schedule to include a 30 minute workout in the morning, it would do wonders for the rest of your day!

  • Better Mood

Another wonderful benefit that I experience after working out is a much improved mood throughout the day.  This goes hand-in-hand with having more energy.  I just felt lighter in my spirit and had so much fun with my husband and the kids.

  • Increased Will Power

I also noticed that when I did not workout, I was less inclined to take my vitamins.  Right after I worked out this Running for Exercisemorning, I was more than happy to take them.  One healthy step naturally leads to another healthy step.  When I exercise, I am also less likely to make poor food choices.  I figure, I put all this work into getting up early and working out, why sabotage that by eating badly.  I do still have a few indulgent things here and there, but my ability to say no is much stronger.

One Workout Caution

One thing to note about working out – make sure to eat something good for you within 30 minutes of working out.  It gives your body the fuel it needs to replenish and repair .  I made my smoothie this morning before I sat down and sipped it while I read my Bible.  I could also prepare it the night before, but then the consistency changes.  Another idea is to have a piece of fruit, much quicker and much quieter while the rest of the house sleeps until wake-up time!

Thanks for keeping up with me on my quest to lose weight this year!  Is there anyone else following this workout and some of my other guidelines?  I’d love to hear about it!

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Weight Loss Update – Week 3

I sure was hoping to have a great success story for you this week.  But alas, it is not to be!  The last time I really tried hard to lose weight, 5 pounds a week came off so easily.  I will say that it was only two weeks in a row that 5 pounds came off and I was nursing a growing baby.  She isn’t nursing almost at all any more and that’s quite a lot of calories that I’ll have to burn off with exercise instead of just sitting on the couch holding my sweet adorable baby!  🙂

One lesson I learned this week is, “If you aren’t hungry, it’s really okay if you don’t eat!”  I know – sounds pretty much like common sense, doesn’t it?  But, have you ever really thought about whether or not you were really hungry each time you ate?  One afternoon, I was making lunch for the kids and I just wasn’t all that hungry.  I ended up eating because … well, it was lunch time!  You HAVE to eat at lunch time!  Don’t you?  I found that I had more cravings afterward than what I had been experiencing throughout the morning.

I am certainly not an advocate of starving yourself in order to lose weight.  But, you should listen to your body and go with the signals it is giving you.  Your body is good at telling you when you need food and when you don’t.  Built-in diet plan!!  🙂

I went back to the same scale at my favorite grocery store and saw that I had possibly gained a half  pound.  My body is adjusting to the lack of nursing and to my daughter sleeping through the night – so that could be part of it.  Indulging in TGIFriday’s on the last day of their $5 specials could also have been part of it.  Helping the kids make and eat their “Battle of Jericho” craft with frosting and graham crackers could have been part of it, too.

So, what I’m saying is, while the coconut oil has helped tremendously with my cravings, I still have a hand and a mouth.  If I could just get rid of those, I’d be all set!  LOL!  Seriously, Lesson Two for this week is that none of the supplements you take will cure just every little flaw in your desires or actions as they relate to weight loss.  You have to set your goal and really make yourself stick to it.

Exercising has been lots of fun for me.  I like to accomplish something so early in the morning.  I like knowing that I made myself get out of bed and do something beneficial!  Hopefully, by next week I’ll have a running partner and that makes such a difference.  I’ll probably push myself a little harder and make sure I don’t skip any workouts.  Accountability is a wonderful thing!

Anyone else do better than me last week?

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Weight Loss Update

Exactly one month ago today, I wrote an article about all the plans I had for losing weight with the idea that I would check in weekly. Yikes, it’s been a loooooong week!

Little by little, I’ve been getting ready to really put this into action. I finally replaced my broken blender jar. We now have a great supply of the best coconut oil on the market for my daily smoothies. I also found a new workout that I’m excited about doing.

So, here’s what I’m doing so far and my progress …


Exercise - It Does A  Body GoodEvery morning I am alternating workouts – Monday/Wednesday/Friday will be from the Cool Running website.  They have a beginners running plan that they, very appropriately, called “The Couch to 5K Running Plan”.

I did the workout for the first time yesterday morning and it felt great! It doesn’t feel so great now, though! My legs are a little sore, but the pain encourages me to do it again because maybe it’s actually doing something. Sometimes, with aerobics workouts, I feel like I’m not “feeling the burn” where I should be and I get lost during some moves. With this workout, I know all the moves and I know I’m targeting all the right muscles. Boringly easy and I like it that way!

Another benefit of getting up early in the morning to do my exercise is the temperature. It’s actually cool out at 6am (for a little longer, anyway). By the time 8am rolls around in my neck of the woods, its already HOT! So, it was enjoyable to get out while the air was still breathable.

On Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing an aerobics workout from which provides workout videos via the internet.  They have many videos available for purchase and a smaller selection that are free.  I’ve been doing a few free ones and they seem to be great workouts.


Putting My Fork On A DietEvery morning for breakfast, I’m having my Strawberry Banana Smoothie with 2T of coconut oil.  It amounts to about 3 cups of smoothie so that is all I have to eat in the morning.  I also take some vitamins – vitamin B complex, vitamin C, multivitamin, and our homemade “brain mix” which includes cayenne pepper, gota kola, and ginseng.  I’ve been doing this for a little more than one week now.

I am watching my portions very carefully.  A friend of mine and my sister have both done very well in their weight loss goals and they both pointed out that what we end up eating as a portion size ends up being what two or three portions would be.

Another philosophy I’m trying to incorporate is only eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full.  I know that sounds so very basic, but I really have to think about it.  Many times, if I like what we’re eating for a meal, I’ll eat more just because it’s good.  Or, if I’m full and someone offers dessert, I rarely say no.  Instead, I’m trying to only eat until I know I’m full enough and only eat again when I am actually hungry.  For me, that also means being very careful of extra snacks.

The coconut oil in the smoothies is already helping with my carb cravings.  It is still a bit of a challenge sometimes to say “no” when my cravings say “yes” but the cravings come less often when I’m using coconut oil.  As I use it longer, it eventually seems to take the cravings away completely.  Another great benefit of daily coconut oil intake is that I’m full longer.  When I went for my Mommy Makeover, I missed lunch completely and it never bothered me.  They gave me quite a bit of water during my time at the salon, but I didn’t come home ready to binge on the first edible thing I saw!


Working To Make My Scale HappyMy favorite grocery store, Publix, has a huge scale at the entryway of the store.  I usually don’t use it because A.) I have a baby strapped to my back and I KNOW she’s well over 20 pounds, and B.) I usually go to the store when there are lots of people around.  I am quite sure they would look at me on that scale and just laugh!  🙂

Lately, I’ve been getting to Publix on Saturday mornings by 7am when they open, so there really aren’t very many people around.  My husband stayed home with all the sleeping kids, too, so I was able to stand on the scale by myself for once.  I’m hoping this will turn into a weekly habit.  We don’t have a very reliable scale and I’d love to see if I’m making progress each week.

Since I weighed myself, I saw that I don’t have the 50 pounds to lose that I thought.  It’s only 37!  Woo-hoo!  A more attainable goal for me!  The key for me is the exercising.  If I can just keep that up, I could really see myself losing the weight by the end of summer.  (Gee, wouldn’t that be nice?) It might be wishful thinking, but I like having a goal in mind.

Anyone else want to do this along with me? Send me a comment and let me know! We can keep track of each other!

Weight Loss

I don’t know if it is because of the four babies I have given birth to or the fact that I hit 30.  In any case, I have gained a few … okay, more than a few … extra pounds that I would like to lose.  As a Mommy who tends to focus more on my family than myself, I’ve had a hard time getting back to the weight where I feel the most comfortable.  So, I thought maybe blogging about it would hold me more accountable and might help you Mommies out there to use my success and failure as a motivation in your own lives.

My overall goal is to lose a total of 50 pounds.  I would also like to tighten up the muscles in some of those typical zones that women complain about lacking muscle tone.  In order to achieve those goals, I plan to modify my diet in certain areas and exercise more.  I’ll start with exercising AT ALL and then move into exercising more in a while!

Coconut oil is said to increase metabolism and decrease sugar cravings and decrease appetite.  I took two tablespoons of coconut oil each day during the last two trimesters of my last pregnancy.  I had no desire to eat the junk food that I normally crave during that time – Krispy Kremes, chocolate, candy bars, potato chips, chocolate and many more!  It took far less to fill me up at meal times and I gained only 30 pounds total throughout the pregnancy.  I have been taking it on and off since then but it only seems to have the desired effect when I take it regularly.  The easiest way for me to consume 2T of coconut oil each day is in a smoothie in the morning.  Apparently, I made so many smoothies that my plastic blender jar broke!  Once my new glass one comes in, I’ll be getting back to my daily dose of coconut oil.

Smaller portions and less junk food and a 24-hour juice fast once a week.  Instead of focusing so much energy on what I eat or can’t eat, I’l just make sure to eat regular sized portions instead of super sized portions.  Being at home all day, I find it is very easy to take just one quick bite of that desert in the refrigerator.  That one quick bite happens several times over the course of the day and by the time my husband comes home, he can’t find any left.  I’ll be fasting for reasons beyond weight loss, but hopefully that will be a bonus.  Back in January of this year (2009), I lost 10 pounds over two weeks while doing a combination of all these things and exercising each morning.  I have kept that weight off even those all the pieces of my weight loss program have disappeared.  I think a large part of it has to do with the weekly fasting I had been doing for several weeks before the weight loss happened.

As far as exercising goes, I have found a wonderful website that has many free workout videos.  It is www.exercisetv.tvand you can specifically search for free full length videos.  I had been doing a 30 minute cardio three times a week and a 10 minute abs two times a week during the two weeks that I lost the 10 pounds.  For me, doing a workout is not boring enough.  Since I have to pull myself out of bed extra early to get my workout done, I’d like to just be on auto-pilot.  We hope to get a treadmill at some point which would provide that boring workout for me, but until then, I’ll do what is free.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey!  I hope we all learn lots about losing weight and being healthier along the way!