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Ballerina Party Ideas – Pink Foods

ballerina birthday party pink foodWhat ballerina party would be complete without pink foods? Yum!

For this party, we didn’t have a full meal as it was after lunch-time so we had lots of little snack foods to keep our tiny dancers happy. I found so many pink food ideas, I had to create a whole Pinterest board devoted to hold them all!

We included the following on our pink table:

  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Pink Malted Milk Balls
  • Red and Pink Starbursts
  • Frosted Animal Crackers
  • Birthday Cake with pink frosting

Budget-Friendly Note: I almost didn’t post a picture of my food table because it certainly does pale in comparison with the ballerina party tables you will see on my Pinterest Board devoted to this subject. With all the gorgeous cake stands filled with cupcakes, cake pops, and so many beautiful ideas, mine looks a bit boring. I had to make a decision between the time and money it would cost to fill up a table like that (certainly, there are thrift-store finds and diy projects you can utilize to be easier on the budget but then there’s the time it takes to put it together) and not putting my whole life {homeschooling, spending time with the hubby, blogging, working, volunteering, church activities …} on hold in order to accomplish it. So, I went with this table and a happy home that did not include a momma in crazy-party-planner mode!

Here are some links to other adorable pink food ideas that I didn’t use at my party:

  • ballerina slippers cookies
    Ballerina Slippers Cookies

There are 20+ more pink food ideas on the Pinterest board – go on over and check it out! What are your favorite pink foods?