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How To Make a Ballerina Party Tutu Table

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

As I was searching for budget-friendly ideas to decorate for our ballerina birthday party, I came across this tutu table. So adorable!

The tutorial I found (searching for it again … will post link when I find it) said to use pins to attach the tutu to the table, but I’m guessing she used a fabric tablecloth. We had to reinvent that part of the idea to work with a plastic tablecloth. This IS a ballerina party on a budget, right! 🙂

First, I measured from table to floor so I would know how long my tulling needed to be. I wanted ours as close to the ground as possible.

SAFETY NOTE: If your table is on a non-carpeted floor, you definitely do not want your tulling to touch the ground! It is very slippery to walk on!

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Next, cut strips of tulling that are double the length of what you measured – they will be folded in the middle. I used three rolls of tulling that were 40 yards each. You may want more or less depending on how fluffy you want your table tutu.

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Then, I took some ribbon and pulled off enough to go around the front and two small sides of the table – we did not cover the backside. For the spool of ribbon I bought, that was the whole thing so you might want to measure your table before you head to the store.

Get to a nice large, clean work surface with your tulling strips and the ribbon – I used the floor.

Stretch the ribbon out in front of you. Take three strips of tulling and neaten them up together. Fold them in half and keep that middle loop in front of you.

With the strands of tulling still in front of the ribbon, put the loop behind the ribbon …
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

and then pull those strands through the loop and pull tight.
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

It ends up looking like a man’s necktie.
ballerina birthday party ideas budget

Keep doing this all along the ribbon.

ballerina birthday party ideas budget

I wanted primarily pink on my tutu with just a very few pops of green. So, I did all the pink first and then figured out where the green should go so it looked centered.

Pick up your ribbon with the tulling attached so you can move it to the table. This part may require a friend to help. {Unless of course, you are doing this at 1am and no one in their right mind is up the night before a party!}

The next step is done with NO tablecloth on the table yet – you’re looking at a naked table! *blush*

I used packing tape to fastened the ribbon of tulling to the table. The ribbon went on the front edge of the table and I wrapped the tape from the bottom of the table all the way to almost the other side. All the tulling together felt very heavy and I wanted to make sure it held up for the entire party.

Now, you can put on the tablecloth. You’ll have to cut slits in it so that it will go around the tape.

And that’s it! A beautiful table tutu that wows your guests and makes your tiny dancer ecstatic!!

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ballerina birthday party ideas budget