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Ballerina Party Ideas Series – Ballerina Cutout Wall Decoration

ballerina party ideasThis is such a fun series to write! If you want to check out the other ideas, please see the first article called Ballerina Party Ideas On A Budget. Or, you can go to my Ballerina Party Ideas board on Pinterest with even more ideas that I didn’t use at our party.

The ballerina cutout wall decoration that I put on our wall was definitely one of the highlights of the party. It really made a big impact. It took a little time to put together, but honestly it was pretty cheap.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Four pieces of poster board ($1 each)
  • Tulling
  • Stick on gems from the scrapbooking dept
  • Lots of tape
  • scissors
  • electronic file of the ballerina
  • projector
  • computer/laptop

Here are the steps I took:

First, tape the four pieces of poster board together so you make one big piece. Try to get the sheets as close together as possible to eliminate any dark gaps.

Tape/affix the large sheet on the wall.

Setup your projector and computer so that it displays the ballerina on the large poster.

Trace around the ballerina on the poster.

Cutout the ballerina.

ballerina party ideas

Add the embellishments that you would like.  I just added a pretty necklace using the stick-on gems – you could do a tiara or earrings, too.

Take the ballerina down and go to a place where you can really spread out – preferably when all kids are sleeping!

ballerina wall decoration

Measure how long you want the tulling tutu to be. I rolled off a piece of tulling in that size and folded the tulling and rolled it down to the other side and keep going like that until I had a big roll of tulling in the right length with closed off ends.

ballerina wall decoration

Then, tape one of the closed ends to the ballerina’s waist, spreading as needed if you like.

ballerina wall decoration

Spread out the other end so that the whole tutu is covered and tape the ends by folding the tape over the tulling to the back of the cutout.

ballerina wall decoration

I also taped another waistband piece of tulling across the top of the skirt to make the end look a little nicer.

That’s really about it for the ballerina. Now, we’re moving on to the stage curtains.

For this part you need:

  • Two rectangle plastic tablecloths ($1 each)
  • More tulling
  • More push pins
  • push pins (or something else to affix the plastic tablecloth to the wall if you don’t want little holes in the wall)
  • Glitter foam letters

ballet party theme

The night before the party, I hung the decorated ballerina to the right spot on the wall. When choosing a spot, keep in mind where you want the curtains to be and how wide you want the curtains so you have enough room.

I used push pins to hang my wall decoration for two reasons:

  • Our walls are covered in sand texture which makes it very very hard to get anything to stick.
  • My husband knows how to fix the holes and he said he would be willing to do it. Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

On the ballerina, I used white thumb tacks because they are flat and I thought they would blend in. For the curtains, I used clear push pins.

Once the ballerina is in place, then I started on the curtains. First, I affixed the top two corners where I wanted them – there was some slack in the middle to create the pleated effect. When the corners are in place, gather up the middle in at least two places and affix those to the wall. In the end, you’ll want the finished product to be tight to the wall all the way across.

Do the same on the other side of the ballerina with another plastic tablecloth.

ballerina party ideas

My plastic had lots of extra bunched up on the floor. So, I cut a fairly short piece of tulling and tied it in a bow around one of the curtains and puffed up some of the curtain and pinned the tulling up a bit so that the ends weren’t hanging on the floor.

Then, I hung some tulling in between the curtains, pinning them behind the curtain, making two puffy swoops {that’s a technical interior design term!}. On the lowest swoop, I placed the glitter foam letters for the word DANCE. There are small pieces of adhesive on the backs of the letters so I used those to press the letters to the tulling, but I also used some pins to hang the letters on.

On the ceiling, I hung three tissue paper balls. You can make your own with a tutorial from my Pinterest board but you can also buy them from Hobby Lobby for only $5 for three of them.

Voila! Beautiful Ballerina Wall Decoration!

I hope this series is helping you to plan your next ballerina party! Please come on over and tell us about how your planning is going!