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Top 8 Tips For Winter Skincare

We are enjoying an amazingly mild November here in Wisconsin. I’m loving every minute – I feel like we’re squeezing just that last little drop of summer out of the season!

But, at some point, winter will most definitely blow in on us – and you’ll want your skin to be ready. You spent so much time taking care of it this summer with sunscreen and the right mineral makeup, let’s continue the tradition.

Here are my best tips for taking care of your skin in the cold winter months so that you’re more than ready when that sun pops out again come June!

Top Tips for Winter Skincare

  1. Moisturize. In many parts of the country driving winds and hard temperatures outside coupled with heaters cranking the heat inside can lead to dry skin. Switch from your light summer moisturizer to a creamier, heavier lotion during the cold months. If you usually use Lemongrass Spa’s Face Creme with Botanical Extracts, I recommend trying the Ultra Hydrating Body Creme.
  2. And Moisturize Again! Only this time, add moisture from the inside! It’s easy to remember to drink lots of water in hot seasons but we still need to keep hydrated when it’s cold. Try keeping your water at room temperature instead of cold – you may find it easier to drink when you’re already cold.
  3. Shower Power. Sometimes, nothing sounds better than a hot shower when you’ve been out in the cold. But be careful – hot water can strip too much of the natural oil barrier from your skin, leaving it prone to drying out. Start with a cooler shower and increase the temps a little at a time. You’ll still feel warmer but you won’t get to those scorching highs.
  4. Scrub Gently. We know that exfoliating your skin is so good for you in so many ways. But, if your skin is already taking a beating with cold winds, go gentle on your largest organ. You might want to go from using Lemongrass Spa’s Instant Renewal Microdermabrasion Creme to the Dead Sea Facial Polish or the Pomegranate Facial Polish instead.
  5. Remember The Sunscreen. Just because you aren’t at the beach in a swimsuit doesn’t mean the can’t get what is still exposed. Many times, the reflection off the snow is enough to give you a red glow. Continue to protect your skin with LGS Sheer Minerals Makeup (SPF 15-20) and our Ocean Friendly Sunscreen Lotion.
  6. Food Fix. With less sun comes less Vitamin D. And without that D, you begin to see a host of health issues ranging from weaker bones to a depleted immune system. Eat mushrooms, cod liver oil, sardines, salmon to up your Vitamin D intake.
  7. Humid Air. I think we’re seeing a pattern of moisturizing just about everything in winter months! Moisturize the air around you by turning on a humidifier for you home. This will also save on heating costs since humid air feels warmer.
  8. Winterize Your Colors. Break out those dark lipsticks and your warmest palettes. Winter is the time to put away your bright Sheer Minerals Sassy Pink eyeshadow in favor of LGS Amaretto eyeshadow.